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Contributed 11 Jun 2020 by Byron White. The documents showed up in 1957 after Kittie FRISBEY INGRAM, my dad's grandmother, passed away. There are quite a few deeds that were issued to Russell M. FRISBEY for property he purchased for taxes.

Look-Up Volunteer

My ancestor, Dr. Kendall E. Rich, was a physician during the Civil War and a physician in Wenona, IL for many years. My mother transcribed some of the births and deaths from his records but they are not in a form to be put on line. I am willing to do Look-Ups for anyone interested in this information. Also, have a few other tidbits.   Peggy Thomas

  1. Dr. Kendall E. Rich Wenona, IL Birth Records 12/13/1877 -- 2/1/1890
  2. Excerpts from THE WENONA INDEX February 28, 1895 (Names Julius & Gotlieb Hunsicker; David Wilson; M. A. Gallagher; James Taggart; J. C. Quaintance; Lucy Hamilton; Della Wells; G. G. McAdams; Etta Thierry; Bennie Miller; Joseph Stout; George Lambourn; Roberts & Werling meat market; Maggie Hawbeck; Henry Foley; Father Smith.
  3. Methodist Episcopal Church, Wenona, IL Members in full communion transcribed by Louise Love: Grosscup to Griffin (1894 - 1912)
  4. Methodist Episcopal Church, Wenona, IL Record of Baptisms transcribed by Louise Love: 2/27/1886 -- 1927 (some years missing)
  5. Methodist Episcopal Church, Wenona, IL Record of Marriages transcribed by Louise Love: 10/27/1885 -- 4/20/1920
  6. List of Marriages Wenona, IL: 7/28/1880 -- 6/24/1884
  7. Dr. Kendall E. Rich Report of Wenona, IL deaths: 3/13/1878 --7/21/1888

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