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First Marriages

"The first marriages recorded [in Columbia / Lacon] are: David GWYNN and Harriet Jane MARTIN, March 10, 1839, “by Henry D. PALMER, elder and minister of the Gospel.” The next was Joel B. PERKINS and Margaret BURT, by the Rev. Henry D. PALMER, April 4, 1839; John D. COUTLETT and Sarah E. DEVER, by Rev. Zadock HALL, April 6, 1839; Samuel MITCHELL was married to Mary WORK, May 29, 1939, by Rev. James H. DICKEY." Extracted from Records of the Olden Times

"The first marriage in the [Hopewell] Township was that of Josiah W. MARTIN and Courtney FORBES, in 1832." Extracted from Records of the Olden Times

1875 Ames & Ross

On the 2d of March, 1875, Mr. Ames was united in marriage to Miss Minnie Ross, a daughter of John and Elizabeth (Hunter) Ross, of Lacon, Illinois. They have one child living, Isaac Carlos, now doing service for his country in the Philippine islands. One daughter, Aurelia Elizabeth, died at the age of fourteen months, and a son, Walter Cope, died December 28, 1895. at the age of eleven years. In Streator, where they have so long made their home, Mr. and Mrs. Ames are held in the highest regard, and their residence is the center of a cultured society circle. In his social relations Mr. Ames is connected with the Masonic fraternity, belonging to Streator Lodge, No. 607, F. and A. M., to Streator Chapter, No. 147, R. A. M., and to Ottawa Commandery, No. 10, Knight Templars. He is a man of fine personal appearance, of courteous deportment and social disposition, and, above all, of that sterling worth of character which wins recognition everywhere and commands respect in every land and every clime.

Extracted from Biographical and Genealogical Record of LaSalle County, Illinois, published in 1900 by Lewis Pub. Co. in Chicago, page 306, within biography of John C. Ames.

1875 to 1920 Methodist Episcopal Church of Wenona

1920 Jun 3 - Lacon Home Journal

Marriage Licenses:
Ambrose Scaggs, 21, Moorehead, Kentucky, and Alice Ball, 20, Henry, Illinois
Michael Judson Durham 24, Toluca, Illinois, and Sonya Belle Faw, 20, Washburn, Illinois
Ralph H. Christman, 30, and Sara H Marland, 29, both of Sparland, Illinois

1921 May 5 - Mr & Mrs Stephen B Garrigus Celebrate 62nd Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Garrigus, 1020 Lathrop Avenue, Forest Park, Chicago, celebrated their sixty-second wedding anniversary, May 5, Mr. Garrigus is 87 years old and his wife 81. They were married in Lacon, Illinois, and came to Chicago forty-four years ago. The couple belong to two of the oldest families in Illinois.

The Garrigus family in the days preceding the Civil War, had the only hotel in Lacon and among their guests was Abraham Lincoln. Mr. Garrigus served with the Union troops throughout the Civil War. There are two grandchildren, Helen and Edna Davies, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Davies. The aged couple have also a son, Percy and another daughter Nettie C. Carrigan.

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Source: Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society, Published Quarterly by the Illinois State Historical Society, Springfield, Illinois. Vol. 14 April-July, 1921 No. 1-2.

1937 Marriages in Wenona

05 Jan Ruth Peterson and William White married at St. Mary's Church
13 Jan Ethel Pearson and Leonard Missal married in Peoria
31 Jan Helen Engel and Thaddeus Akridge married in Peoria
01 Feb Joseph Marks, Wenona, and Corrine DiGuisto, Toluca, married in St. Ann's Church, Toluca
09 Feb Minnie Wudtke and Edwin Vandre married in Zion Lutheran Church
16 Feb Leonore Berg and George Lindgren married at Bethany church
20 Feb Mrs. Stella Hoge and Alva Pope united in marriage
20 Feb Carl Stenzel marries Mildred Hineman in Chicago
04 Mar Grace Dunlap and John Etchells wed
11 Apr Earl Marconnet and Maynard Oleta Nance married at Long Beach, California
05 Jun Clara Kuehn and Willis Moffett wed at Zion Lutheran Church
05 Jun Willard Cox and Margaret Comisky united in marriage
20 Jun Ebba Swanson and Henry Harbaugh united in marriage
26 Jun Ethylin Wells and Lavern Carlson married in Varna
30 Jun Robert Reichman and Alyce Guenther married in Peoria
03 Jul Kenton Brown and Verna Mertell married at Oregon
01 Aug Miss Esther Strauch announces her marriage to Ralph Ensor, which occurred March 24
11 Aug Ruth Houtz becomes bride of Albert Olson, of Tonica
13 Aug Mabel Johnson becomes bride of Gunnar Peterson
19 Aug Ida Pettit and Peter Zimmerman married at Neponset
28 Aug James Robertson and Marie Tucker, at Streator
31 Aug Floyd Lundgren and Miss Elma Webb of Webster City, Iowa
04 Sep Edwin Tallyn weds Lydia Leonelli at Toluca
05 Sep Marjorie Turner and Donald McConnell married in Wenona
06 Oct Marguerite Cresto and Edwin Schwiderski wed
20 Oct Louise Wright and George Lambourn
07 Nov Harry Crone and Florence Johnson, at Rockford
25 Nov William Heinie and Muriel Wreith, at Streator
25 Nov Thomas Cramer and Edith Kennedy, in Ohio
27 Nov Isabelle Kinsella and Robert Bodman, at Champaign
29 Nov George Eilts and Marjorie Johnson, at Streator
16 Dec Elaine Armstrong announces her marriage to Donald Hall, which occurred Dec 7
16 Dec Walter Drummet and Rose Gustafson, at Bethany parsonage
24 Dec Gertrude Krants and Bert Bayer, at Streator
26 Dec Dr. L L Bufkin and Miss Irene Johnson

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Obtaining Marriage Certificates

Although reporting marriages was not required by law until 1916, the County Clerk has marriage records dating back to 1839. The marriage must have been at least 50 years ago for the recorded information to be released.

Contact the Marshall County Clerk and Recorder's Office by internet, phone, fax, email, or U.S. postal service.

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