Marshall County


Antioch Cemetery (in Toluca)
Apfel Cemetery (see Old St. Mary's Cemetery)

Babb Cemetery (in Hopewell)
Ball Cemetery
Baptist Cemetery
Barnes Cemetery
Bell Cemetery (in LaRose)
Bell Plain Baptist Cemetery (in Pattonsburg)
Bethany Lutheran Cemetery (in Wenona)
Blue Ridge Cemetery
Bonham Cemetery (in Sparland)
Broaddus Cemetery
Burson Cemetery

Calvary Cemetery (in Henry)
Camp Grove Prairie Preserve (in Camp Grove)
Camp Grove St. Patrick Cemetery
Catholic Cemetery
Cherry Point Cemetery
City Cemetery (in Toluca)
Collin's Farm Cemetery
Crow Meadow Presbyterian Cemetery (in LaRose)
Cumberland Cemetery (in Wenona)

Dobson Cemetery (in LaRose)

Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery

Feazel Cemetery
First Lutheran Cemetery #1 (in Varna)
First Lutheran Cemetery #2 (in Varna)
Forbes Cemetery (in Henry)
Fort and Dever Cemetery
Freeman Cemetery (see Harris Cemetery)

German Lutheran Evangelical Cemetery
German Lutheran St. Paul Cemetery
Goetz Family Cemetery
Grieves Cemetery (in Lacon)

Hall Cemetery
Harris Cemetery (in Lacon)
Hastings Cemetery (in Sparland)
Henry Cemetery (in Henry)
Henry German Cemetery
Hoyt Cemetery (aka Old Henry Cemetery)

Immaculate Conception Cemetery (in Lacon)

Jason and Broaddus Cemetery (aka St. Mary's Cemetery)
Jerry Trone Cemetery

Lacon Catholic Cemetery
Lacon Cemetery
LaPrairie Methodist Cemetery (in Sparland)
LaPrairie United Presbyterian Cemetery (in Sparland)
LaRose Cemetery
Lawn Ridge Cemetery
Loort and Denver Cemetery

Mansfield Cemetery
Martin Cemetery (in Pattonsburg)
Marshall County Poor Farm Cemetery
Mead Cemetery
Meridian Cemetery (see Old St. Mary's Cemetery)
Merritt Cemetery (see Old St. Mary's Cemetery)
Methodist Cemetery
Miller Cemetery
Moss Cemetery (see Martin Cemetery)
Myers Cemetery (in Varna)

Negro Cemetery
New Salem Cemetery
Nighswonger Cemetery (in Sparland)

Old Baptist Cemetery
Old Catholic Cemetery
Old German Catholic Cemetery (see Old St. Mary's Cemetery)
Old Henry Cemetery (aka Hoyt Cemetery)
Old Irish Cemetery (see Old St. Mary's Cemetery)
Old Salem Cemetery
Old Settler's Cemetery (see Old St. Mary's Cemetery)
Old St. Mary's Cemetery (aka: Old Irish Cemetery, Old German Catholic Cemetery, Old Settler's Cemetery, Merritt Cemetery, Apfel Cemetery, Meridian Cemetery)

Pattonsburg-Moss Cemetery (see Martin Cemetery)
Putnam Cemetery

Reilly Cemetery (in Wenona)
Roberts Cemetery
Rowe Farm Cemetery (in Henry)
Russell Cemetery
Rutland Cemetery (in Rutland)

Salem Lutheran Cemetery (in Varna)
Saratoga Cemetery (in Camp Grove)
Saratoga United Methodist Cemetery (in Henry)
Sawyer Cemetery
Sparland Cemetery
St. Anne's Cemetery (in Toluca)
St. John's Lutheran Cemetery (in Toluca)
St. Mary's Calvary Cemetery (aka Jason & Broaddus Cemetery)
St. Mary's Cemetery in Wenona
St. Patrick's Cemetery (in Henry)
St. Patrick's Cemetery (in LaPrairie township)
St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery (in Varna)
Statler Cemetery (in Varna)
Strawn Cemetery
Sugar Grove Cemetery (in Henry)

Tomlinson Cemetery
Trinity Lutheran Cemetery (in LaRose)

United Presbyterian Cemetery

Varna Cemetery

Weis Cemetery
Wenona Community Cemetery (in LaSalle County)
Whitefield Center Cemetery (in Henry)

Yankee Lane Cemetery (in Hopewell)

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