Marshall County

Wenona School

1918-1919 1st and 2nd grades

First row front L-R: ------, ------, Earl Hallam, -----, Elmer Missal, Vera Hamilton, ----, ------

Second row from front L-R: Louise Love, Harriet Howe, Virginia Stotler, Betty Ball, -----, Gert Krantz, Mabel Linholm, ------, Tedd Coppin

Third row from L-R: Virgil Matson, ----,Mabel Foster, ----, Jack Davies, Wollard Esterdahl, Gladys ?, ----- (not sure these spacings are accurate....)

None noted in back row except someone in middle back row with last name of Keys--maybe Helena.

Contributed 01 Mar 2015 by Peggy Thomas. "The names I have are of the 1st grade class that my mother, Betty Ball, was in."

1919-1920 Miss Edith Gants, teacher, 1st and 2nd grades

First row front L-R: Elmer Mussal, Edward Kemp, Vera Hamilton, Betty Ball, Dorothy Van Valey, ?? White, ----, Larry Ball, --- ---

Second row L- R: Russell Marks, Gert Krantz, Viron Peterson, Mabel Linholm, ----, Earl Marconnet?, Margaret ---berger, Leroy ?

Third row back L-R: Vernon Metzger, Tedd Coppin, Jack Davis, -----, ------, ------, ------, -------, -------, Ronald Tallyn

Contributed 01 Mar 2015 by Peggy Thomas. "I am guessing the school years--my mother was born 5/1912 so am going by this entering 1st grade at age 6 1/2 and graduating in June, 1930) Although it is only captioned as "My second grade" I think there may be first graders in the picture as my uncle Larry Ball was in it and he is a year behind my mother."

Miss Blanch Hollenback, teacher, 3rd and 4th grades

1st row back L-R: Teacher, Bob Whitney, Clifford Lant, Raymond Morgan, Ellwood "Jack" Davies, Carl Beckman, Marian Altum, Viron Peterson, Vernon Metzger

Middle Row L-R: Edwin Tallyn, Gladys Pearce, Minnie Johnson, Virginia Statler, Mabel Linholm, Earl Hallam, Tedd Coppin, Joseph Brooks

First Row L-R: Elsie Harrison, Anna Kleinfall, Betty Ball, Harriett Howe, Vera Hamilton, Merlita Anthony, Louise Love

Contributed 01 Mar 2015 by Peggy Thomas.

1922-1924 Miss Ebba Swanson, teacher, 5th and 6th grades

Back row L-R: Gertrude Kranz, Lois Thierry, Marion Altum, Lester Gillispie, Glenn Whitson, Tedd Coppin, Elsie Harrison, Minnie Johnson

2nd row from back L-R: August Archull, Ellwood Davies, Howard Downey, Mable Linholm, Anna Flecker, Orman Altum, Vernon Metzger, Earl Marcanette

2nd row from front L-R: Edna Kleinfall, Betty Ball, Iola Dickey, Earl Beckman, Jean Kemp, Dorothy Stoker, Margaret Gillispie, Ersa K

1st row L-R: Joseph Brooks, Albert Linsay, Edward Bell, Gail Holmstrom, Margaret Loufenburger, Helen Bronckle, Lawrence Ball, Roland Engle, Darrell Armstrong

Contributed 01 Mar 2015 by Peggy Thomas.

1922-1923 Ruth Black, teacher, 5th and 6th grades

Top row: Melba Cresto, Bot Whitey, Edwin Tallyn, Clifford Lant, Gladys Pierce

2nd row: Virginia Statler, Merleta Anthony, Anny Kleinfall, Maria Krantz, Helene Kays, Elsa Johnson

3rd row: Vera Hamilton, Earl Hallam, Alice Holmstrom, Harriet Howe, Merrill Monk, Louisa Love

4th row: Earl Beckman, Dorothy Stoker, Betty Ball, Elsie Harrison, Anna Flecker, Marion Altum

5th row: Ronald Tallyn, Raymond Morgan, Ellwood Davies, Ted Coppin, Viron Peterson, Ed Bell,

Bottom row: H.Timn, Minnie Johnson, Joe Brooks, Vernon Metzger, Mabel Lindholm

Contributed 01 Mar 2015 by Peggy Thomas.

1924-1925 Mr. M. B. Abbey, teacher, 6th and 7th grades

Top row: Norman Hoger, Cecil Griffen, Tedd Coppin, Merril Monk, Earle Hallam, Lester Gillispie, Glenn Whitson, Earl Beckman, Hermin Timn, LaVerne Stratton

Second row: Iola Dickey, Gertrude Krantz, Elma Pomeranke, Mable Lindhom, Anna Flecker, Elsie Harrison, Ailva Peirman, Dorothy Stoker, Lois Theirry, Thresa Stenzel, Darrell Armstrong

Third row: Joseph Brooke, Ellwood Davies, Vernon Metzger, Ronald Tallyn, Viron Peterson, Marion Altum, Ben Griffin, Howard Downey, Lawrence Ball, Orman Altum, Earl Marcconett

Bottom row: Helen Brochell, Gail Holmstrom, Edna Klienfall, Marion Turner, Betty Ball, Mildred Wheat, Margaret Gillispie, Ella Strouts, Dorothy Simon

Contributed 01 Mar 2015 by Peggy Thomas.

1926 May 31 - 8th Grade Graduation

Betty Ball, Joseph Brooke, Earl Beckman, Tedd Coppin, Ellwood Davies, Cecil Griffin, Earle Hallam, Leo Harvey, Ralph Winter, Martha Stonecipher, William Davis, Lela Hasselman, Mary M. Keenan, Norman Houger, Mabel Lindholm, Vernon Metzger, Merrill Monk, Dorothy Simon, Lynn Swanson, Ronald Tallyn, Lois Thierry, Clarence Lee, Bernice Wells, Wayne Marshall, Edward Kemp, Virginia Melody

1926-1927 Temporary School House

It's almost impossible to believe that his old house, the Hall House, was used as the high school for about a year, betwen the time the high school moved out of the grade school building and the new building was completed. A fire escape was added to the east side of the building to conform with safety laws.

1926 Mar 15 Second Annual Basketball Banquet

The Squad: Gerald Metzger, Edmund Metzger, Frank Pickard, Charles Kemp, Mervin Kemp, Percy Yarnell, Harold Smith, Edward Beckman, Edward Holstrom, George Lambourn, Charles Gresto, Lester Hoskins, Marion Whitney, Walter Becker, Thomas Smith, Charles B. Stateler - Coach

Contributed 10 Jun 2015 by Peggy Thomas

1926-1927 Freshman Class

First Row L to R: Mary Volz, Jack Davies, Maurine Harrington, Wollard Estherdah, Dorothy Simon, Betty Ball, Lois Thierry, Virginia Melody, Tommy Flahave, Mary Moore
Second Row L to R: Prof L. C. Smith, Zena Flahavan, Merrill Monk, Virginia Flahavan, Edward Kane, Gertrude Moews, Harry Crane, Bernice Wells, Elmer Missal, Mrs. Marian Brown, Virginia Jauck
Third/top Row L to R: Robert Klieber, Ronald Tallyn, Vernon Metzger, Earl Hallam, Donald Jackson, Lynn Swanson, Edward Kemp, Willard Wright, Sonny Brooks

1926-1927 Freshman Class

Officers: Betty Ball, President; Dorothy Simon, VP; Lois Thierry, Secy/Treas
Student Council Members: Girls: Virginia Melody Boys: Wollard Esterdahl

1927-1928 Sophomore Class

Officers: Norman Hauger, President; Virginia Melody, VP; Virginia Flahavan, Secy/Treas
Student Council Members: Girls: Lois Thierry Boys: Edward Kemp

1928-1929 Wenona High School Juniors

Officers: Thomas Flahavan, President; Wollard Esterdahl, VP; Betty Ball, Secy/Treas
Student Council Members: Girls: Virginia Melody, Virginia Flahavan Boys: Norman Hauger (resigned later) Merrill Monk (elected)

1927 Literary Contest

Anna Kemnitz, Elsie Harrison, Doris Schiffbauer, Virginia Allen, Aileen Vissering, Mary Campbell, Llewellyn Tipton, Jack Andrews, John Denson, Edward Pelz, Eunice Lawler, Mabel Ann Thompson, Evelyn Eckstrand, Mildred Wheat, Pauline Tolan, Tessa Sleater, Mamie Lawler, Frederick Lippincott, Vernon Quiram, Adah Iliff, Frances Mounce, Lester Houger, Thelma Waldschmidt, Kenneth Roberts

1927 Wenona Community High School Dedication

Rev R L F Rezner, Miss Maurine Turner, John Flahaven, H D Hoge, John Hanifen, W H Foster, W E King, A W Nolan, Rev J Hultberg, C A Lindgren, P W Healy, H A Winter, L C Smith, John Hanifen, A L Wargo, Andrew Bishop

March 1927 Class of '28 Play "The Boomerang"

Percy Yarnell, Mabel Sharp, John Marks, Gertrude Kane, George Lambourn, Mauerine Kemp, Lucille Flahaven, Margie McGrath, Charles Kemp, Edward Beckman, Leona Anthony, Mildred Crone, Erma Volker, Alta Monk, Giles Melody, Joseph Moore, Lawrence Kline, Jean Thierry

Class of 1926-27 Wenona Community HS Commencement

Leona and Merleta Anthony, Rev R L F Rezner, William Uebler, Harold Nelson, Lester and Clayton Houger, C H Kingman, Maurine Turner, John Flahaven, Edwin and Ronald Tallyn
Graduates: Edmund Metzger, Carl Jackson, Monica Mertes, Charles Cresto, Lester Houger, Kathryn Melody, Harold Nelson, Carrie Gray, William Uebler, Clayton Houger, Florence Peterson, Bridget Matheny, Marion Whitney
Faculty: L C Smith, Mrs C J Brown, Maurine Turner, Marcia Ziems, Rachel Cowden, Reinhold Hultberg

1927 Halloween Party

Contributed 16 Mar 2017 by Peggy Thomas

1928 High School Picnic at Starved Rock

2 playing 2 teachers &
2 students
3 girls Beck & Zena Gin F.
Betty Ball &
George Lambourn
eating George Lambourn George Lambourn girl
group group Miss Flug Miss Sharp on the rock
probably teachers students Tommy

Class of 1928 Wenona Community High School Commencement

Piano Duet: Betty Ball and Dorothy Simon
Invocation: Rev. Joseph Hultberg
Song: "When Twilight Weaves" Glee club
Address: Pres. H. S. Hyer
Trio: Gertrude Kane, Wayne Smith, Percy Yarnell
Presentation of Diplomas: President John Flahaven
Piano Duet: Edwin and Ronald Tallyn


Oakly Dickey, President
Leona Margaret Anthony
Edward Daniel Beckman
Mildred Virginia Crone
Gertrude Eleanor Kane
George William Lambourn
Marjorie Delores McGrath
Jean Frederick Thierry
Lucille Cecelia Flahaven
Lawrence Carl Kline
Charles A. Kemp
Maurine Lydia Kemp
John Thomas Marks
Alta Virginia Monk
Giles L. Melody
Joseph F. Moore
Robert J. Moore
Lloyd Wayne Smith
Erna Emma Volker
H. Percy Yarnell
Valedictorian: Leona Margaret Anthony
Salutatorian: Joseph F. Moore

FACULTY: L. C. Smith, Principal; Mrs. C J Brown; Maurine Turner; Rachel Cowden; Lois Flug; S L Costigan

Contributed 10 Jun 2015 by Peggy Thomas (from undated newspaper clipping)

1928 Basketball Tournament

TONICA: W Warner, E Barton, M Nicholson, A Houtz, J Cottingham, E Naumann, B Quade, D Siemers, W Miller, R Fetzer, W Woodward, R Albert, I Nagel

LACON: C Anderson, W Baldwin, J Bennett, L Burlingame, G Grieves, R Hamilton, J Kunkle, N Stocker, H Strong, N Thompson, J Farley, R Orrison

HENRY: G Nicholson, K Roberts, W Dewey, H Fisher, J Hartley, G Nichols, H Kaifer, E Merdian, S Brown, H Hennessey, R Dewey, R Heininger, H Morse

MINONK: I Leiken, C Jury, R Hewitt, E Ingerski, W Ingerski, J Smith, D Peeken, E Greskoviak, R Sauers, H Parks, P Wippeski

TOLUCA: L Palumbo, G Aimone, J Aimone, S Bastion, W Bartelomeo, J Majewski, B Stemas, C Perino, D Knoblauch, R Imm, H Bisio, R Pozzi, L Dobrich, F Oriano, N Tozzi, H Malavolti

GRANVILLE: D Paganelli, A Anderson, V Tinkham, G Bloom, F Kessler, O Acuncius, B Picciola, A Cavatorta, H Dunavan, J Nielson, A Anderson, J Novak, M Pomalto, W Wilson, U Borri, M Scaffetti

WENONA: L Forrest, T Flahaven, N Yarnell, W Becker, T Smith, N Houger, J Graham, M Monk, E Myers, E Davies, R Monk, D Kane, E Kemp, W Esterdahl, D Jackson, (Harold) Reh, W Downey, C Kemp, A Jackson, D Myers, E Marconnet

LONG POINT: R Louden, H Jenkins, T Carpenter, W Stewart, M Gaspardo, G Imm, K Stokes, T Piriano, S Brown, C Hubbard, W Levelle, W Gould

LA ROSE: W Quiram, F Zilm, L McCaskey, R Schumacher, J Spangler, E McCully, F McCully, M Schumacher, D Miller

MAGNOLIA: D Morphew, D Chestnut, S Wells, R Nelson, F Titus, O Hall, B Griffin, R Spear, J Bickerman, C Griffin

LOSTANT: R Foley, E Lechner, F Hannum, G Davey, R Foley, C Linder, J Davey, E Kofoid, L Swanson, D Wade, F Glover, B Hanson, W Hess, K Schiffbauer, R Morris

VARNA: R Modro, F Quiram, V Gustafson, L Gustafson, L Stiles, R Carlson, L Carlson, H Schoof, L Brown, F Umphress, W Lundgren, D Benefield, R Sims, E Lundgren, L Gumble, H Whetzel, M Myers, L Quiram, W Rogers

RUTLAND: L Klesath, B Baker, P Copp, R Fallon, W Harms, F Shirley, R Shirley, W Keenan, H Emm, R Helander, E Uphoff, L Krischel, W Loftus, G Flynn, W Drummet, E Quaintance, G Marshall

SWANEY: W Wallace, H McGhiey, W Koehler, L Kofoid, C Lawrence, W Lowry, E Morgenson, D Boyle, T Combes, D Doolen, S Boyle, M Dixon, A Arnold

Contributed 16 Mar 2017 by Peggy Thomas

1929 Sep 09 Wenona Index newspaper clipping

The Wenona High School enrollment reached the 100 mark when Earl Beckman entered the office and signed up for the semester. We are certainly pleased to have Earl among our number and any other boy or girl who is really interested in school work and who may not have really felt the need of a higher education upon finishing the eighth grade. The following is the enrollment by classes: Seniors 20; Juniors 20; Sophomores, 30; Freshman 30.

Class of 1929 Wenona Community High School Commencement

Piano Duet: Betty Ball and Dorothy Simon
Invocation: Father D. K. Harrington
Vocal Duet: "Oh! That We Two Were Maying" Blanche Lindgren & Clarence Lindgren
Address: "Paths of Progress" C. E. Grubb
Vocal Solo: Blanche Lindgren
Presentation of Diplomas: President John Flahavan
Song: "Forget-Me-Not" High School Glee Club


W. Clifford Lunt—1st time recipient of $10 gold piece for best 4-year record scholastically,
socially, stability, alertness, & similar highly prized qualities
Charles G. Turner
George Elmore Myers
William Edwin Tallyn
Thomas R. Smith
G. Gale Aukland
James P. Graham
Harry E. Crone
Thomas F. Brennan
Walter J. Becker
Stanley J. Horning
Merleta M. Anthony
Louise Love
Alyce V. Hohmstrom
Melba T. Cresto
Ella Leonore Berg
Gladys V. Ekstrom
Anna Mae Flahavan
Gladys M. Pierce
Florence Anna Steinke
Harriet H. Howe
Dorothy A Wadman
Myrtle G. Helander
VALEDICTORIAN: Merleta M. Anthony

Contributed 10 Jun 2015 by Peggy Thomas

1930 A Pair of Sixes by Junior Class

Walter Downey, Lawrence Ball, Earl Marconnet, Iola Dickey, Lloyd Forrest, Darrel Armstrong, Harold Reh, Marguerite Cresto, Frederick Siefkes, Virginia Mulvehill, Florence Barr, Elsie Harrison

1930 Marshall County Literary & Musical Contest

Opal Keenan, June Bestold, LaVerne Wiley, Howard Waldschmidt, Helen Petrich, Gertrude Moews, John Malone, Mildred White, Mary Padavich, Dorothea Quiram, Lawrence Ball, Dorothy Kapraun, Estella Kehlenbach, Fern Jackson, Phyllis Martin, Lorraine Mohler, Mildred Bestold

1930 Lelawala Operetta

CAST: Neil Yarnell, Wollard Esterdahl, Elsie Harrison, Donald Jackson, Mary Campbell, Elwood Davies, John Flahaven, Charles Kemp, Gladys Grant, Orman Altman, Darrel Armstrong, Zena Flahaven, Earl Beckman, Ella Marie White, Fred Siefkes, Don Kane, Lorraine Mohler

CHORUS: Virginia Barr, Viola Crone, Gladys Grant, Corrine Johnson, Doris Johnson, Katherine Heine, Velda Miller, Viola Marconnet, Mary Margaret McAllister, Lorraine Mohler, Vierginia Mulvihill, Elma Pomeranke, Nadine Lockwood, Marie Reh, Eunice Spore, Nita Peterson, Frederick Campbell, Maurice Gene Berg, Allan Jackson, Russell Lockwood, Phillip Pickard, Vincent Moore, DeVon Myers, Harold Reh, William Heinie, Westley Houger, Edward Hallam, Floyd Johnson, Charles Kemp, John Flahaven, Edward Robinson

MUSIC: Barker's Orchestra, Solo by Mary Margaret McAllister, Song by Girls' Glee Club

Director: Miss Carolynn Coffey
Accompanist: Gertrude Moews
Stage Managers: Stanley Horning, Elwood Davies
Decorating Committee: Ella Marie White, Mary Campbell, Virginia Barr

Contributed 16 Mar 2017 by Peggy Thomas

1930 Wenona High School Graduation

I have a number of Graduation "calling cards" with people's names on them, nothing else except a handwritten nickname they went by. Probably the Class of 1930 or so. If anyone should ask, I would be glad to give them the card. These are the names:

Zena G. Flahaven (Sally), Berenice Eleanor Wells (Bernie), Maurine A. Harrington (Harrington), Gertrude W. Moews (Gert), Mary F. Volz (Mae), Thomas W. Flahaven (Tommy), Donald G. Jackson (Don), Virginia Lucy Flahavan (Jin), Merrill W. Monk (Goose), Madelon Carroll Meisten (Madge), Virginia Mae Melody (Gin), Norman W. B. Houger (Normie), Mary Agnes Moore (May), Dorothy M. Simon (Dots), J. Ellwood Davies (Jack), Edward K. Kemp (Steve), Ronald E. Tallyn (Scotty), Lois Herschell Thierry (Red).

Contributed Mar 2015 by Peggy Thomas

1930 Commencement Info

Class of '30 Receive Coveted Diplomas
Twenty-One Graduates Finish Studies at Community High School

It was a large and friendly audience that attended commencement exercises at the high school auditorium last Thrusday evening when twenty-one of our young ladies and gentlemen graduated from Wenona high, receiving their diplomas in an atmosphere of affection and friendship generously bestowed by parents and friends.

A piano solo, by Miss Gertrude Moews, one of the graduates, was much enjoyed. Rev. T. L. Kneebone gave the invocation which was followed by a vocal solo by Norman Houger, another graduate, who is endowed with unusual musical talent.

Charles Durden, D. D. of Omaha, Nebraska, delivered the address: "Are You Paying Your Way?" It was a very instructive and inspirational address, stimulating thought and high purpose. He declared that a true education makes a good citizen a better citizen and a successful man or woman more successful. It is sincerely hoped that wherever these fine young people locate they will become valued assets of their community. Is it asking too much, or hoping too much, for them to locate right here?

A vocal duet by Miss Blanche Lindgren and George Lindgren, "I'll Take You Back Kathleen," was greatly enjoyed. Following this Supt. A. L. Lewix presented the awards. John Flahaven, president of the board, then presented the diplomas.

"Evening Hymn" by six young ladies, graduates, concluded the stated program. They were: Misses Lois Thierry, Virginia Flahaven, Dorothy Simon, Betty Ball, Zena Flahaven and Maurine Harrington.

Miss Betty Ball was awarded the ten dollar gold piece offered by P. W. Healy for the most efficient and best all around student, voted on by the entire high school and teachers. While Betty had plenty of competition, the award was a just and popular one and the honor delighted her and her proud parents and their friends. She also was valedictorian. Dorothy Simon was salutatorian of the graduation class with a very high average.

The following were graduates: Betty Ball, Elwood Davies, Wollard Esterdahl, Zena Flahaven, Thos. Flahaven, Virginia Flahaven, Maurine Harrington, Norman Houger, Donald Jackson, Edward Kemp, Madelon Meister, Elmer Missal, Virginia Melody, Gertrude Meows, Merrill Monk, Mary Moore, Dorothy Simon, Ronald Tallyn, Lois Thierry, Mary Volz, and Berenice Wells.

Class Colors - Orchid and Yellow.
Class Flower - Yellow Tea Rose.
Class Motto - Esse Quam Videre. (To Be Rather Than to Seem).

Contributed 16 Mar 2017 by Peggy Thomas

Wenona Win

Tri-County All Star Teams

First Team
Moats  RF  Henry
Acuncius  LF  Hopkins
Mattlock  C  Wenona
Lowry  RG  Swaney
Monk (Cap.) LG  Wenona


Second Team
Gustafson (Cap.) RF  Henry
Fisher  LF  Swaney
Osborne  C  Lostant
Roy Foley  RG  Tonica
Quade  LG

Contributed 10 Jun 2015 by Peggy Thomas

1930 Felicitations

Contributed 16 Mar 2017 by Peggy Thomas

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