Marshall County

St. Mary's School

The Catholics of Henry and vicinity have long been noted for their religious zeal. About twenty-five years ago, recognizing the importance of beginning an early training of their children in the faith, they started schools in their behalf, at first supporting small private schools in different localities of the town. In 1859 Mr. Oner taught a select Catholic school in a private house a few months and was succeeded by Mr. Hertzog, who had a respectable and well attended gathering of Catholic pupils in Weis' building, a few doors above Warren's grocery store.

In 1860 a frame building was put up near the German Catholic Church and used for school purposes. The attendance was large for some time, school was also taught in the church itself at times. The frame building,
originally built as a stable, was used some time, xintil the applicants became too numerous for its capacity, when the project was started of erecting a fine Catholic primary school which should be a credit to the place and accomodate that portion of the rapidly increasing population holding to this faith.

A large two-story brick structure was built near the Church, dedicated to this purpose, and taken in charge by the sisters of the Notre Dame Society of Milwaukee, who had conducted the former schools in the old frame building. These zealous sisters relinquished the charge to " The Sisters of the Precious Blood" in 1871, who now manage the educational interests of the Catholics in a highly creditable manner, the school being very popular. The building is substantially built and well furnished, costing about $5,000. The school is simply an elementary one, where the rudiments of the English and German languages are taught, the latter to such as wish it. It is patronized by about ninety families, mainly the membership of the German Church, and is under the general superentendence of Rev. Father Schamoni, the resident priest. A neat and comfortable parsonage stands in a large lot near the church and school.

Extracted from Records of the Olden Time, authored by Spencer Ellsworth, 1880, page 381

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