Marshall County

Hopewell Township Schools

This was located about two miles west of Sawyer's. It was of the prevailing style, had one door, and a log cut out on one side gave ample ventilation and a little light. It was built in 1836. A Mr. LEE first taught the Hopewellian ideas how to shoot.

A notable old time school house stood in the ravine south-east of Irving BROADUS', where most of the present dwellers in the vicinity obtained their "larnin'." It was built in 1835 by Lemuel RUSSELL, John WIER, James HALL, John STRAWN, James KANE, William HANCOCK, the BULLMAN's, and other patrons of the school.

Two schools had been previously taught in the township, one in a cabin belonging to a man named WAUGHOB and the other in a cabin near Lemuel RUSSELL's. The first taught here was by a man named ELMORE. Beside serving for school purposes it was used for debating clubs, church services, public meetings, itinerating shows, etc. The old school house served its purpose, and then gave away to something more pretentious and its timers were made into a stable. Forty-four years after its erection a meeting of the surviving pupils was held on the spot, and a very interesting time was had.

Extracted from Records of the Olden Time, authored by Spencer Ellsworth, 1880, page 395

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