Marshall County

Henry Republican - 1896

02 Jan 1896

Mrs. Sands, wife of the attorney J. J. Sands of Peoria and daughter of J. J. Adams of this city, is suffering from an accident. The lady fell and broke her leg.

Here is quite a surprise wedding for Castleton. Mrs. Wilson, mother of Mrs. James Montooth, aged 77, and Mr. Hanley, aged 64, were unitted in marriage at the home of the bride in Castleton, Dec 23d. - Toulon Sentinel.

George De Voss of Rome, is entitled to wear the belt as the slayer of the largest raccoon so far this season. Last Friday he captured on e which weighed 45 pounds alive and 36 dressed. - Bulletin.

Prof. J. R. Bouton and Mrs. Bouton of Sparland drove across the country to the quaint old village of Magnolia on a day's visit to his grandmother, Mrs. Downey. She is 82 and cooked the dinner wtih her own hands and gave them right royal welcome. - Mrs. Tesmer in Home Journal.

A double wedding was consummated on the evening of Dec 25, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wiliam Smith in LaPrairie, a small company of invited guests being present to witness the nuptuials. The contracting parties were two daughters of the household, Charlotte J. and Minnie J., the former begin united inmarriage to Estep S. Duncan, and the latter to Wilber S. Root. The families united by these marriages are among the oldest and wealthiest in the township.

Holiday week brought out 26 club ladies to the meeting held at Mrs. Hiram Hunter's on Monday. There were also four guests, Miss Burkel and Miss Gage of Lacon, Miss Hull of Decatur and Mrs. Stevens of this city. The chairman of the science committee, Mrs. Minnie Kline, had the program in charge, which in honor of the season was somewhat more lengthy than usual. Mrs. Ida Jones and Miss Spencer sand Glover's "Two Merry Alpine Maids Are We;" Mrs. Jones sang, "A Woodland Serenade," Mascheroni; Mrs Hunter played "Home, Sweet HOme," arranged by Rive-King; Mrs. Cleave gave "The Quarrel," and Mrs. Humble an original poem, "The Christ." Mrs. Lincoln's paper was intitled "The Essential Elements in Culture." ... Mrs. Minne Kline presented the question, "Is Conversation an Art - May it be acquired?" ... Those who follwed in discussion were Mrs. Ida Jones, Mrs. WHite, Mrs. Paskell, Mrs. McLeish, Mrs. Jacobs, Miss Burt, Mrs. Josephine Townsend, Mrs. Wallace, Mrs. Evelyn Jones, Mrs. Laura Kline. ...

Henry lodge No. 110 A.F.&A.M. commemorated St John's Day on Friday evening last, by attending divine serve at St John's Episcopal church, Rev P.K.Hammond, the rector ... The singing was by a trio, led by Mr. Stever, assisted by Mrs. Hammond soprano and Miss Mateer as alto and Gertrude Potter organist. ... solo volunteered by Mr. Stever ... At the close of the delivery of the sermon Mr Hammond ...

The annual church meeting of the Congregational church ... Mrs. J A William was elected clerk, Mrs. M L Hildabrant re-elected treasurer, J H Perry re-elected trustee and J A Williams re-elected deacon. Harry Niece and William Hoyt were elcted ushers ... Pastoral committed, Mrs B C Vail, Mrs George Field; social committee, Mrs J A William, Mrs. O A Camp, Ella Worley, Bessie William, Mrs H W Ruggles and Mrs M L Hildebrant; lookout committee, Mrs Minnie Kline, Mrs E H Hutchins, Mrs B O Vall, Mrs G M Locke, Mrs. W H Worley and Dora Grawburg.

Born. In this city Dec 29, a son to Henry Cook and grandson to Adam Lippert of Cottage Hill.

Married. In this city Jan 1, New Year's evening, a St John's church at 8 o'clock, by Rev Fr Finn Sidney C. Ray of Peoria, and Miss Jennie Hartley, of this city.
At Peoria, Dec 31, David Dwyer of Henry, and Ida Whitmer of Whitefield.

Died. In this city, Dec 31, of septicoma, Margaret, 88, wife of George Hall.
In this city, Dec 29, of spinal anemia, Emeline C. Brown, 63, wife of the late George Brown, and mother of Mrs. Robert Hunter.
At Corning, Iowa, Dec 25, Jane, 60, wife of the late T. J. Mathias, and sister of Mrs. E. S. Camery of this city.

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