Marshall County

Henry Republican

A Resume of Important Local Events in Marshall County and Vicinity.
Presenting a Panorama of Every Day Life of the Year Just Closed.
As Compiled from the Year's File of the Henry-Republican.


A Happy New Year to all.
Last day of 1892 electric lights first illumined the streets of Henry.
A Lacon ghost story is published, wherein his ghostship honors the Lacon water works.
"Doc" Payton released from jail tho efforts of his attorney Hon Geo O. Barnes.
Burning of H. C. Wright's tenement house at Boyd's Grove. Loss $700, in sured for $300. Russell, the tenant losing household goods.
Mr and Mrs Amer Smith celebrate 15th anniversary of marriage 2d.
Marriage of Harry Camery and Blanch Brown 4th, at Peoria.
The rickety old depot catches fire burning a large hole in the floor.
Lizzie Smith falls upon the ice breaking a limb New Years eve.
Rev Arthur Miles preached trial sermon at Congregational church 1st.
Prof J. D. Crawford opens a series of six lectures on History of Civilization, 14th.
Ladies of Congregational church gave oyster supper in Coan's store room, 11th.
Expenditures of Bridge Co for 1892 for labor on bridges and dikes amounts to over $1000.
Rev Louis Rich preached for New Church society on 1st.
New Years ball under the auspices of Cornet band liberally patronized.
Burial of Mamie E. Ray Campbell at Sparland, 1st.
Surveyors at work on the Chicago, Peoria and Southwester R. R. pass Henry, 3d.
Marriage of E. J. Stauss, and Ora, daughter of Capt York, 11th.
Marriage of Fred G. Anthony and Minnie M. McKinney at Lacon.
Heavy snow fall 11th, eight inches.
H. J. Gregory's store the first to secure the electric light.
Jonas Divilbiss goes to spend the winter in Pennsylvania.
At the inauguration of Gov Altgold were H. Yaeger, J. Schick, F. Baer, T. L. Harrington, J. S. Burt.
Grand jury men – C E Burt foreman, H J Gregory and Tim Wood.
Nellie Waw departs for school in New York city.
Mary L. Boice sells her brick house on Park Row to David Holcomb.
Bridge Co re-elect its directors – Potter, Jones, Paskell, Snyder, Kline, Hutchins, Yaeger, Heath, Townsend.
Kirk Booth becomes an attache of the post office.
D. W. Horrom moves to Chicago, 8th.
Ella Hutchins returns from New York, where she has been absent one year.
Riverside District Grange meets 26th.
Destruction of the depot by fire 15th, caught from coals falling on the floor.
Death of Ella Nelson at home of Robert Hunter, 17th.
A side hunt 13th; Supper at Frank Wood. H Mohler's side 11, 185 counts, F Coan's side 8545.
Marcus Kays team found in the water off the pike, one horse drowned, 16th.
Dr J G Evans D D preached at M E church, 22d.
Crow Meadow grange is entertained at O Burt's, 24th.
Boyal Olmsted buries a mother at Watertwon, N Y.
D. B. Turner surveying for the Swan Lake club.
Magnolia dancing club gives the 3d of the series, 26th.
E W Hartle moves his store building on to and fronting Third street.
Arthur True loses his residence in Whitefield by fire 15th. Insurance $1000.
Woodman install their officers with J. M. Kirkpatrick V C.
E D Way dies in California 16th. Burial at Wyanet.
Woman's club meet with Mrs W P Hoyle 9th, and Mrs Geo Burt 23d.
Business Carnival at New Opera Hall 25 and 26. A great success.
Marriage of Wm Maubach and Clara Schmidt.
Death of L. A. Jones, 25th, aged 81 years; Lydia A. Lewis, 22d, aged 70. Bertha Shepard Monday, aged 27.
An imposing celebration of 10th anniversary of marriage of Dr and Mrs W Willis at Whitefield Corners, 24th.
Death of Mrs Joseph Roth, 19th.
Congregational S S elect Samuel Maxwell its superintendent, Geo Corey secretary.
Ike Hank moves to Iowa, and "good luck" went along with him.
Mrs V Becker falls on the icy pavement fracturing a wrist bone, 24th.
Griswold and Humphery win poultry premiums at Decatur and Geneseo poultry shows.
Griswod & Knapp form a copartnership and manage 11 elevators.
Mason Wilson surprised everybody by getting married. He had the Gaul to do it – Malinda Gaul.
Rev Wm Woolley's revival meetings close, the additions for the year being 26.
Mr and Mrs Adna Hartley surprised by a party of neighbors, who had a grand social time.
Burning of St Clair Bullman's dry good store at Lacon, 29th.
Celesta Doelzer retires from the dry goods store of J. H. Jones & Son, after nine years service.
Frank Vogelsang on the 12th commenced his 14th year with J H Jones & Son.
Marriage of Oscar Medaeris and Alice Caley; D W Young and Angelina, daughter of the late John Gregory.
Death of Mrs Thos Funson 73, at Lone Tree.


Marriage of J Henry Aukland and Hattie Newman, 2d.
The remains of the wife of Elder Gorden brought from Pontiac and interred in Sugar Grove cemetery.
George G Guyer has a horse sale, selling 11 head at fair prices.
Estella Deck "surprised" by schoolmates to help celebrate her birthday, sweet sixteen, 1st.
Capt J C Townsend very ill.
"Among the Breakers" giving at Magnolia by the Granville young people.
A masquerade ball by the Cornet band, 9th.
Marriage – Geo Wolf and Mary Newhalven, Antoine Mauback and Katie Valentine, J J Herbeck and Mary Schmidt, Wm McAleer and Nellie Fagan.
The Klein Henrich side hunt. Klein's 24,000 counts, Heinrich 11,000.
Assignment of the General Electric Co for lighting the streets of Henry to the Henry Electric Co (Starrett Bros.)
For 1982 there were 42 deaths in Marshall county, and 92 births.
Gil Clark and L V Smith take a trip to Florida. Mr Smith come home ill, and was confined to his house some weeks.
Coasting on the Main street hill a great fad. "Let her slide."
While preaching a Thanksgiving sermon at Bloomington, some sneak thief appropriate Rev C W Ayling's lap robe from his sleigh.
Woman's club at Mrs D McDonough's, 13th.
Joseph Malone retires and John Lawshae succeeds as assistant at depot.
Marriages – John Faul and Mary Ronzio; J H Smith and Jennie Reid, Harry Mallett and Minnie Pettigrow; Richard Spencer and Miss Bobbitt.
Deaths Ann E Ramsey, aged 62; Dila Fern, daughter of Michael Haylino.
Farmers institute at Wenona, 2d and 3d.
Ex-Gov Luco spoke at Whitefield Corners, 14th.
Mr and Mrs S P Hill recently passed the 25th mile post in connubial felicity.
"Candy Pull" at May Youn's 25 mates present.
Mrs J P Hall returns from her long trip to the sunny slope and Joe is again himself.
Mrs M J. Sleator sustains a fall in her yard, breaking a bone of the wrist.
A penmanship class by Miss D Cecil Chappelle of Rolla, Mo.
Death of Frank M. Endsley at LaRose 13th Burial at Whitefield Center.
A sad fall of Mrs J A Woolley, and fracture of a limb above the knee.
E & F Fairbanks of Lacon put a new baking powder on the market, commanding a good sale.
Twentieth anniversary of Magnolia grange, a great success.
Birth of a daughter to Walter Eagelston.
Death – Mrs. Hiram C. Wright, 23d, aged 64; Mrs Homer C Swift, aged 22.
Ed Snyder locates at Clay Center, Neb.
Geo Hall removes the old Edward street store house, for material for an addition to his residence.
James Hayden Sr dieds in Steuben, 16th.
Funeral of Evelyn Halsey at Lacon, 20th. She was a favorite music teacher for Henry for some time. Her death occurred at Salina, Kan.
Washington's birthday celebrated by the Henry public school room with literary program.
Roger Merritt spent the winter at South Omaha.
Geo W Smith and family return to Illinois to reside.
G Adna Hartley and family move to York, Neb, whwere he had purchased a fine farm.
Putnam county supervisor order the building of a new two story brick addition to its court house at Hennepin.
S. A. Worley sprains an ankle. Laid up of course some weeks.
Christian friends of Mrs L Horrom meet and celebrate her 81st birthday, 21st. Refreshments were served, and the occasion was pleasant to all.
Woman's club entertained by the Misses Hutchins.
Death of Mrs Wardord Bonham, 26th, aged 60.
Marriage of Wm Schroeder and Evangeline, daughter of F A Raymond Jr at Warrensburg, 28th.
A young printer born to Oda Scott, 22d.
Adolph Klein buys the Calef farm at Whitefield Corners.
N J Webber sells his sotre at Warwick, Kan, and moves to Chicago.
G W Hildebrant having purchased the Kilgore property, becomes a resident of our city.
Thomas J. Higgins buys Mrs Culver's new house for a residence.
Clint Smith and others arrested for stealing hogs of Brown Smith.
A sheet and pillow case soiree at Mrs M L Hildebrant, which with a taffy pull was very funny and pleasing.
Rev S G Jefford's preached at Episcopal church, 26th. Master Howard Plowe, a young soloist, sang several solos greatly to the pleasure of the congregation.
Death of Mrs Jesse Brown, 26th, aged 82.
Marriage of George Gilliam and Mrs Emily Spicknell, 22d.


Rev Arthur Miles entered upon his labors as pastor of the Congregational church the first Sunday of this month.
Lookout Mt Post G A R accepts a picture of Andersonville prison pen, which now decorates the walls of the post room.
Marriage of Ola Hunt and Carrie Cornell. Elder Howe locked and interlocked, determined it shall hold for life.
H C Wright completes a new house, and Dr W H Jones is the lucky lessee.
New depot placed under construction by the Rock Island R R Co., completing a tasty structure.
Deaths of J J Merdian, 2d, aged 81; 5th, Stephen Merritt, 78.
Dissolution of Slygh & Powell, wagon makers.
Teachers' institute at Lacon, 4th; 50 teachers in attendance.
Benj Hewitt purchased a house and becomes a resident of Deacon Hill.
Adin Brown is afflicted with a felon on his thumb, so ugly, an amputation of the first joint was necessary.
E H Hutchins constructs a millinery gallery in his sore, utilizing unoccupied space.
A V Goltra sells his home to a Mr Ryan, who moves to Henry.
Curtis Coulter having engaged as clerk at the Boston clothing store, his sister Mrs Endsley moves to Henry to keep house for him.
E H Hiltabrand and sister Ella move to Henry from the Oxbow. Had purchased a house of William Fosdick.
Minnie Disosway celebrates her 13th birthday with a party of 25 mates.
Mae Lambert was "surprised" by her schoolmates, who presented her with a handsome gold ring in honor of her 16th birthday.
Wm Fosdick builds him a new residence, which is a credit to the city.
J P Kneip and family leave Princeville and move to Henry.
Woman's Club met with Mrs Laura A Kline.
Births – daughter to John Dauber, daughter to James Hartley, a sone to Albert Bacon, and daughter to Joseph Hilb.
Deaths – 15, A J Wright, 39; 15, John McCullough, 74; 11, Patrick Ryan, 71; 6, at Mina, Kan., Rachel, wife of W F Woolley, 51.
Fire at residence of Mrs Eliza Adkinson, 13th; slight damage.
George Cone, a lumber dealer, died in California of hemorrhage of the lungs.
The Woods Bros ice house caves in, and they lose their summer ice.
Pearl Heath entertains a party.
Rev S C Eby preached two sermons on the third Sunday of the month for the New Church society.
O A Olson locates in Henry and opens an implement house.
The residence of John Wherry is sold to C R Jones.
A son brightens the home of F O Sterrett.
Dr Watson and Mrs M Johnson take the matrimonial route. So does Artie Swife and Minnie Longman.
An accident at his sawmill causes the death of Walter E Winship, aged 29.
The Woman's club, to be held with Mrs M L Hildebrant on the 27th, on account of the death of Mrs Hepperly was postponed one week.
Dr Frank Davis graduates with honor from the homeopathy college at Chicago, a class of 44. He locates in Peoria for the practice of his profession.
Frank Wood and Frank Peterman kill three wild white sawn out of a flock of six.
Young children of G W Smith and Charles Sleater wander from home, and found in a large field after a long hunt.
A masquerade given in honor of Edna Motter's birthday.
Mortimer Smith buys a lot on Market street and is to build him a residence.
Elder Howe closed his pastorate at Christian church 26th. Moved to Eureka.
Steamer City of Peoria began her regular trips for 1893 on the 18th.
C C Bane of Verna appointed a warden in the Joliet penitentriar.
Collector Worley has a smaller delinquent return of the eight years he has held the office. Collected $1096.22; delinquent $324.04.
New depot completed and occupied by our efficient Station Agent Lawshae.
Will Foster struck by a pole and seriously hurt, 25th.
J E Vail moves to York, Neb., where he invests in Nebraska dirt.
Prof Cross and Maude Smith figure as judges in a rhetorical contest at Chillicothe, on the 24th.
Death of Mrs Caroline Hepperly, aged 80.
Dr Frank Ketchum graduates from the Chicago veterinary college and locates at Marseilles.
Robert D Jones goes into the banking business at Bradford.
Hennepin lodge I O O F celebrated its 40th anniversary with imposing ceremonies and profitable literary program.
Death of John Kneip, 31st, age 49; $2000 life insurance.
Twin sons born to Henry O Funson at Keota, Iowa.


Went and wed – Frank Dawson and Mary A Smith, married in church after service; also Henry Burkhart and May Crompton.
Mrs Thomas N Stout found dead at her front gate.
Town election; republicans elect their ticket, with Howard Young as town clerk.
Imposing Easter services at St Josephs's church. Altar services in charge of Rev B H Corley. The musical features in charge of Dr and Mrs O I Corley.
Elaborate millinery opening by J Watercott & Co. Corner window a great attraction.
The Lewis homestead sold to Arthur Smith.
Frank Fyffe and wife returned from their mont's sojourn in the south.
Smauel Sperry's little son falls from a fence, breaking an arm.
The spring term of high school mommenced with 71 pupils.
The Easter services at St Mary's church were conducted by Rev Father Bank, assisted by Rev Fr Ensoblins of St Bede's college.
During a thunder storm lightning strikes the chimney of Mrs James Hartley's residence. No damage.
Mrs A H Kinnear opens a kindergarten school.
J T Day retires from the Lacon Democrat, being succeeded by O W Downey.
Three fatal accidents in Putnam county Matthew Munnis, thrown from a colt and dragged, striking his head against a gate post and killed. Mrs Edward Foster, thrown from a roadcart and dragged to her death; was a daughter of Judge Cassell. Simon Burger, who fell down a cellar stairs, killing him instantly.
J N Krenz appointed lock tender. A good appointment.
Woman's Club meet with Mrs Cross.
A little son of Geo Hall swallows concentrated lye, which called for Dr Foreste to alleviate its suffering.
Eliphalet Ketchum builds a new porch to his residence.
The marble firm of Devore & Wright changed to Devore & Fisher.
Arbor Day observed by the schools of Henry, 14th. Many trees planted out.
Wm Fosdick buys the Sperry property and builds him a new, fine residence.
Dr Forrest attends the funeral of his father at Mineral, whose death was sudden – without warning.
J H Seaton appointed postmaster at Hennepin. He also served as P M during Cleveland's first term as president.
A son is born to Geo Hall and a daughter to Chauncey Bacon.
The marriage tie binds Scott Hartsock and Mary McNeal.
Death of J C Townsend, 20th, aged 70. A large imposing funeral.
City election, 18th, Dr Forrest elected mayor and W H Stever clerk.
School election, 15th – Robert Hunter president, W P Hoyle, J H Perry and W B Deck elected members of board of education.
Maude Bacon returns from Europe.
New 80 horse engine received at the electric plant.
Fire caught in the corn cribs of Geo Nicholson & Co, but extinguished without much damage.
Mrs Henry Griffin and Robert Green leave for Arizona to reside with her two sons.
Rev J J Bonnell and wife from Florida, arrive to spend several weeks.
Mrs Grace Lincoln entertained the Woman's Club, 24th.
Willard Mallory's traction goes thro a Whitefield bridge. The township replaces the rotten structure with an iron bridge.
The 54th birthday of J A Lambert celebrated with a dinner party. All had a fine time. He was presented with a silver mustache cup and saucer.
Marriage of Burt Timberlake and Mrs Adah (Campbell) Smith, of Sparland.
Mrs H O Richey of Iowa, comes to visit her mother Mrs Ann Tremain and friends.
Death of Mrs Ada Z Piper of Lacon.
Elder W R Stowe returns from Missouri to reside with his children.
V M Lincoln vacates Undercliff and moves to Peoria.
John and Mary McCay, the blind vocalists, give an entertainment at New Opera Hall. Also sang at St Joseph's church on Sunday.
The board of education organize, and Mrs A B Clark elected secretary.
The Odd Fellows had a social party at New Opera Hall, which was a great success; Marinos furnished the time.
An incipient fire at the residence of J W Niece discovered and squelched.
Drs Willis and Forrest operated on a child of Geo Wable.
Dr F M Pendleton of Magnolia, takes a few weeks leave of absence for medical study and recreation.
A son gladdens the home of Durbin Downey.
United for life – T F Clover, Esq, and Losta Doolzer, 27th; Henry Ruggles and Mrs Jula Fairchilds, 26th.
The Republican's edition on the 27th was 1575 copies.


Corn was planted the 3d near Sparland. A Little early but "first" in the field.
E U Bartle closed his store and moved his stock to Peoria.
Assessor Raymond on his rounds, going "for all your are worth."
Silver medal contest held at Christian church, 12th.
Mr and Mrs Geo Scholes depart for their summer tour of visiting.
Hugh Orr and family move to the Pacific coast, locating finally at Pasadena.
J T Edwin, the bankrupt man, ships his goods to Chicago and leaves Henry.
J Kline & Co dissolve, the Steele Bros succeeding to the wholesale and Mr Kline to the retail part of the business.
Judge John Burns buried at Lacon, 3d. Died at Streator.
Daniel Ketchum and family move to Chicago for the summer.
A sacred concert was held at the Presbyterian church Sunday eve. Mrs Elmer Hunter took part in the musical features.
A social event at Gibson City was the celebration of the 15th anniversary of Mr and Mrs H L Gregory, 1st. It was a brilliant affair.
Got married – Stephen Grady and Clarrissa Whiteman, 7th.
Mortuary – Pierre Condit, 56.
Burning of Lone Tree store building, stock belonging to Wm Shields, 8th.
SAlumni concert at New Opera Hall. Excellent.
Geo F Paskell and daughter Nettie take a tour to Virginia.
Dr Jacobs attends the state dental meeting at Rock Island.
S B Horner opens a repair shop down town.
Woman's Club meets with Mrs Cannah Jones.
Marriage of William Wenzel and Paulina Krenz; go to Charleston, S C, to reside.
Mortuary – Asa Cunningham, Hennepin, 81; Danforth Seelye; Andrew Kinkaid.
Samuel Condit receives the visit of three daughters from California, Mrs Freeman, Mrs Sheldon, Mrs Carver.
Tragic death of Archibald Riddell of Whitefield – jumped into a well.
Farewell reception to Linda Campbell by the Y's.
City of Peoria made her first excursion of the season to Copperas Creek, 18th.
Rev A J Bartels preached for the New Church Society, 21st.
Gil Smith Falls and fractures a thumb.
Wesley Horrom moves back to Henry.
Geo Miller, the horse buyer, again in Henry.
Mr and Mrs Harvey Leech spend the summer in Illinois.
Prof P K Cross goes to Plano, at a salary of $1200. Maud Smith also hires as assistant there at a salary of $75 per month.
Mrs J W Niece falls from a step ladder, breaking a lilmb.
Fruit trees full of blossoms.
Death of Geo Schubert, 70.
The Whitefield road suit between J Quinn and T Landers, 32 witnesses, before Squire Bell; jury disagree. A second trial, verdict for Landers.
John Wherry and family move to Jefferson, Ia.
County S S convention, 25th and 26th, Address by W C Pearce.
Geo A Burt secures a position as gate keeper at the World's Fair.
Memorial Sunday – Sermon by Rev Arthur Miles.
Miss M Adella Spencer graduates from Knox college, and becomes a member of the Chillicothe corps of teachers.
Duncan Campbell and family move to Chicago for a permanent home.
City of Peoria inaugurated her Saturday excursions, 27th.
New comers – a daughter to Allie Smith, and a son to H F Andrews.
Wedlock – W M Hannum and Amy Boreland.
Death of Patrick Real at Grafton Neb., 58.
Memorial ceremonies in Central Park Decoration Day; address by Rev R Y Hazard.
Board of education employ W S Wallace as principal, and Miss Steagall as assistant.
Art Museum of Photo views in the Locke building.
Catholic excursion from Peoria via City of Peoria, 28th; a large company.
Samuel Parker of Chicago, took part in memorial exercises at Putnam and Henry, reading an original poem.
John Morgan and wife return from Utah to reside in their old home here.
An appraisement between S Holmes and A Hank and town of Hopewell, for change in a road.
A pony outfit stolen from Streator captured here, and boy and outfit returned to S.
Dr Malone, veterinary, leaves Henry, and is succeeded by Dr Ketchum.
Dr A A Knapp locates at Brimfield
Frank Doyce sells his business at Sparland and locates at Bradford.
Frank Smith goes to Peoria, to work with his old pard, Fred Shurts.


Marriage of John Jack and Ella Hunter 1st; Aldon B. Calef and Ora Griswold, 7th; at Chicago, H J McAllistor and Emma Gurnea.
Robery of Hunter's safe, and three thieves knock down and shoot at the nightwatch and decamp, 2d.
Prima donna Mme Rosa d'Erina sings at New Opera Hall, 21st.
World's Fair trains now run three coaches.
World's Fair goers "all the go."
Duncan Campbell Jr sells his property near J Schick's to Mrs J Kneip.
Contract for a new bridge intersecting Main with Hennepin pike awarded by the Henry City Bridge Co.
10th annual commencement of Henry high school, nine graduates, Katie Woolley, Katie Payton, John F. Noll, Zolla Kellogg, Irving Dennis, Laura A Hoar, O G Smith; vocal renditions by Mary E Pierce of Wyoming.
Geo Nicholson & Co's depot elevator devoured by fire; loss $50,000.
Children's day by the churches, 11th.
Reception of graduation class at home of W H Woolley by the alumni, 10th.
Madison ave M E church of Peoria excursh to Henry via City of Peoria, 20th.
G F Paskell returns from Virginia, 14th.
Relay bicycle ride from Gov Altgeld to Gov Peck, Chas Bromnley connecting Henry with Putnam in the link.
B B game between Chillicothe and Henry, game standing 11 to 14 for Henry end 6th inning.
Little Joe Heath, one of the exhibitors for the State Institution of the blind, at the World's Fair.
Scholars of the public school of Henry and Lacon picnic at Columbia Park, 14th.
Dr J G Zeller dies suddenly at Spring Bay, 17th.
Mrs Emerick rides in a new phaeton.
Mrs J D McVicker falls down a flight of stairs and fractures the small bone of a limb.
A divorce is grated Mrs Nellie Sperry from Samuel M Sperry.
Mattison Durley takes the school census.
A reunion of the family of Robert Clark; three daughters and two sons being present.
Ernest Ponzer, the teacher is engaged for the school at Depue the ensuing year.
Nuptials of Henry Koch and Ray Lippert, 26th.
Death at Chicago of Mrs S H Wright, 29th, sister of Howard Young.
Mr and Mrs W H Williams of Putnam celebrate their golden wedding with great eclat; poem read by Mrs A A McKoon.
A T Wettle's phot tent is burned with contents.


Henry celebrates, Mayor Forrest presides; addresses by E P Harney and John Kindt; afternoon, foot, sack and potatoe races; girl race, base ball game; leap from bridge by Prof Chas McManus; fireworks and ball in evening.
Worth McVicker's horse Captain won the race at Marseilles on the 4th.
Oliver Downey buries an infant at Lone Tree.
Frank Towle marries and goes to housekeeping at Bradford.
(concluded on Fourth Page)
C. E. Abbott sells his photo business to Frank E. Bush.
A race between the City of Peoria and the Rex, the City of Peoria declared the winter.
John Ford loses his dwelling by fire, 13th. Insured for $300.
Mortuary – Mrs Mary L McGee at Whitefield Corners, 9th, age 37, and Mattie Hull of Ottawa, aged 24.
10th, a son to Dr Jones; 4th, a daughter to J A Schaefer, and granddaughter to B Yaeger.
The city Sunday schools picnic at Columbia Park, 12th.
Johnny Noll succeeds Wm Fosdick at Gregory's store and Will betakes himself to the state of Washington.
Quarterly meeting at M E church 15th; Elder Haney preaches.
Wm Green kicked by a mule.
Rev Landengerger is again at Henry, 23d.
Charley Booth saw the great storage fire from the Ferris Wheel.
Burning of the Sawyer homestead, 8th.
Dr Jacob adds a new dental cabinet to his office.
Patrick Green opens a barber shop of his own.
B O Andrews infant child badly scalded.
Mrs Hartwig jumps from a moving train, with the general result – gets a severe fall.
Death of G W Emerick 16th, aged 73. Estate valued at $100,000.
Will Ketchum takes a new son to board.
Meeting in the interest of the C P & S W RR. A favorable sentiment prevailed.
Death of Mrs Henry Wetzel at Sparland.
Anna Allen spends the summer vacation with Henry friends.
A pony race between Y A Glenn and E P Harney. Oxbow way ahead.
Sociable by the New Church people at Mrs L A Jones's, 21st. Rev Landenberger delivers an address on amusements.
Geo Nicholson and R R Co confer at Chicago as to rebuilding the elevator. And its only "confer" thus far.
J P Sparling falls from a scaffold injuring himself temporarily.
Elder J Beckelhymer preaches a few times for our Christian brethren.
Frank Krenz and Anton Greser present the race track judges stand with a call bell.
The Roll of Corps take in light refreshments and make glad the heart of Mrs F A Raymond Sr on her 77th birthday.
Rev J R Holst preached his farewell sermon, on 16th, and it was a farewell to all services since.
Drs Forrest & Gregory form a co-partnership, and make a strong medical team.
The Peoria graduates of '93 excursh via City of Peoria and sup with Landlord Paskell.
The commissioners of highways of Whitefield vacate the Quiinn-Landers road – The third act in the celebrated trial.
Sudden death of engineer John Miller, 27th – reached home from Chicago to lay down and die at the threshold of his home. He was 65.
Revs Woolley and Shoop exchange pulpits.
A pony race between E Harney and O A Camp, Time 54, won by Harney.
King & Brady's billiard hall attached by the sheriff and sold to Roth of Lacon, but reopened by King.
Niblock completes a fine barn for James Quinn.
Rev E E Wasmuth preaches at M E church on 20th.
John Morgan Jr, the gentlemanly traveling agent of the Anchor line, at home for a few days.
Mrs P S Perley and daughter Polly among Henry friends for a couple of days.
Dr Hector Bell, buys out Dr Motter's dental outfit and good will and commence the practice of dentistry in Henry.
The public school rooms all given new blackboards.
Henry Hoskins, 71, passes to his reward on 15th.
Band concert in the park on every alternate Friday evening during the warm term.
Death of Edith Noll, 31st, aged 25.
J F Gates's residence sold to John B Smith for $1050.
Marriage of J F Gates to Mrs Nellie Sperry, and removed to Rockford.


Rev A Miles given a vacation of three weeks.
J P Sparling has purchased a resident lot preparatory to building.
Mrs Ed Osbon, while very ill, removed to Peoria, followed by her death in a few days.
New Church congregation picnic in Yaeger's grove, 4th.
Visit of the Dr and Mrs Corley of Bloomington, and the Misses Corley of Providence, R I, to the priestly brother Rev Fr Corley. One of the sisters remains as housekeeper.
Rev F Corley invites in a select party in honor of his visiting brother and sisters. A muical treat, and enjoyed by all present.
Another meeting in the interest of the new railroad. Sentiment favorable to right of way thro Henry.
The Republican's issue for the 3d was 1540 copies.
Mrs. Aaron Bartlett was 70 years of age, 14th.
The Hunter-Allen syndicate purchase the lumber yard at Lacon.
Return of "Sandy Russell" after an absence of 13 years.
A T Wettle builds a fram gallery and again opens the picture business in Henry.
Capt and Mrs Sol York entertain a party in commemoration of their 23d wedding anniversary.
A daughter graces the home of Geo Sleater, 16th.
The Big 4 races attract immense crowds.
Epworth League gave a lawn sociable at the parsonage, 18th.
New splash boards put on the dam raising the water three inches.
"Museum of Living Wonders" attracts the nickles.
W C T U choose officers, with Mrs S P Hill as president, Ella Heath secretary.
O A Olson constructs implement warehouse on vacant lots back of the post office.
Marriage of Dr G A Motter and Ruby Wild, 19th.
Death of Jennie Travis, 53, on 20th; 16th, wife of W C Yager; W T Trone, 62; James Wescott.
Old Settlers' meeting at Lacon, 24th.
Rev O L Barler preached for the New Church society, 27th.
Rev A Miles returns from his vacation and preaches the 27th.
Frank Shields engaged for the Oxbow school. A fine teacher.
F Coan and family betake themselves to Kansas for a month's outing.
Rachel Worley purchases the Martin homestead for $750.
Drowning fo Michael Hartwig at the lock, 22d.
Richard's circus at Henry, 29th.
Many fields along the railway fired by passing locomotives.
Marriage, 23d, of J E Snare and Lulu Snyder; 17th, Chas C H Cowen and Mary P Batchelder; London, Eng. 3d, A W Baker and Catherine E Harney.
Daughters conferred upon J H Adkinson and Ed Haddon.
Conflagration at Putnam destroys the property of Asa Barnhart and Wm Shields, 28th.
Ranney Vail commenced a second year at Champaign university.
Laura Horr, class of '93, goes to teaching at Belleflower, McLean co.
Della Spencer, graduate from Knox, is secured in the Chillicothe schools.
Grand lawn sociable by Supt Alex Brown, at his house, 61 children being present.
Barn warming at James Quinn's, 23d.
J E Remberg gives a lecture on "Free Thought," J C Ford presides.
T Van Antwerp & Co have unique Satureday evening enteratinments.


Public school opens Monday, 4th, W S Wallace principal, Miss Steagall assistant.
Death of John P Bracken by drowning in canal near Joliet, 6th.
Death of W B Robinson on the 22d, aged 87.
Nettie Paskell, after three months east, has returned.
Sidewalk tile among the improvements about town.
Madge Camery succeeds Kirk Booth at the post office.
Kirk Booth enters E A Mathis's restaurant; a music department being added.
Henry Vogelsang presented by a party of friends a rocking chair, on his 70th birthday.
The M E S S birthday jug broken by Freddie McWilliams, who put the first coin in the jug.
Tuition reduced for outside scholars to $5 for high school, and $3 for other grades.
Death of Charles Gray by consumption, 38.
Our reporter gives Sparland business men a liberal write up for our columns.
Mrs S P Hill "swung quietly, peacefully and elegantly past the 69th mile post."
Beulah Nicholson and Bertha Burt receive teachers certificates at Lacon.
District schools commence their fall terms, 4th.
Johnny Leech installed as "mine host" of the Camp House, in the absence of Mr and Mrs Camp at the White City.
Mr and Mrs J S Thompson delegates from Marshall Co to the World's International S S convention at St Louis.
Richard Kikes removes his tin shop to Edward street.
Little Nugget one of the attractions at New Opera Hall.
Cass Wright finds some fine pearls in the Illinois river.
Rev Wm Woolley leaves for conference, 12th. A popular pastor, whose two years terms was most acceptable.
Zinc Works at Wenona closed for repairs.
Marriage of Charles D Vail and Jessie R Parden at Denver.
Death of Henry, son of Peter Schmidt; Edna and Alice, children of John F Colson of Putnam.
Yearly meeting of friends commenced the 10th.
Kate Vogelsang comes from New York for a brief visit.
Arthur E Irving lectured at M E church on Congo, Africa; proceeds to help him in preparation for a missionary.
A Home Forum organized with Dr Ross Gregory president, and H Young secretary.
Henry Merdian cracks a wrist while playing circus.
A V Goltra builds him a hansome cottage on Market street.
A son to Henry Koch.
Marriage of D B Turner and Ella Hiltabrand, and the sudden death of the bride in 16 hours causes a great sensation.
Death of Johanna Whalen, 86, John B Smith, formerly city marshal, 72.
Marriage of Charles Verney and Jennie Thompson at Lacon.
Magnolia Grange fair has a successful week.
City of Peoria takes a Sunday excursion to LaSalle. About 250 took passage.
G P Deyoe loses by death one of his matched span of mules.
Rev David McLeish succeeds Rev Woolley as M E pastor in charge of Henry and Putnam charges for the ensuing year.
The W C T U commemorates the birthday of Mrs Mary Clement Leavitt.
A case of dried peaches received by the editor from his California friend Veach.
Thos Vogelsang and family treated to a surprise and presented with a rocking chair. The party was also surprised to find Thomas away from the city on that evening.
John A Russell, a Henry boy, falls dead in his chair at Chicago.
Death of Mrs W D Robinson at Jacksonville, 73.
Visit of Mrs Theodore Hindmarsh and family from Kansas; Mrs Robert Crone and daughter from Kansas City.
A D Hiltabrand completes a new house, a very neat cottage, in charge of carpenter J P Sparling.
New gas engines for Duk's shop and Nicholson's elevator.
Marriage of Daniel Betz and Emma Guening.
Millinery opening of J Watercott & Co – a fine display.
The Catholic festival of 40 hours devotion at St Mary's church, with four visiting priests.
Rev Fr Corley granted six weeks leave of absence; visits New England and Canada.
Rev B Edmiston of California visits Henry friends for one week, and preaches for the New Church society on Sunday.
Mr and Mrs G E Sparling again assume charge of Undercliff.
Uncle Aaron Bartlett visits "Old Kentuck."


The editor enters upon his 29th year as editor and publisher of The Republican.
F A Raymond Jr ships 3000 lbs of live poultry to Peoria via City of Peoria.
O A Olson moves to the Croft mansion.
Umatilla Indian Medicine Co performing at New Opera Hall.
C C Slygh reprents the Masonic lodge at grand lodge at Chicago.
Alderman T L Harrington opens a saloon.
Death of Nicholas Abel, 51.
Marriage of Charles Roberts and Maggie Monier.
Board of Education pass a rule prohibiting smoking on the school premises.
Adolp Kline's sale amounted to $1900.
Wm Farber & Co open business, buying and shipping poultry this winter.
Marriage of Frank Inman and Lydia Duncan.
Worth McCann takes charge of the City of Peoria engine room.
Charles Frommel succeeds to the cigar business of the late Nicholas Abel.
Jasper Brown and wife leave for California.
Joseph Schuster from Germany joins his brother here after an absence of 30 years.
Wm Lormis cuts a maple tree whose towering height was 110 feet.
Electric light plant tampered with – emery put in the eccentric of the engine. Had to be shut down until repairs were made.
Christian church building sold to J W Niece for $600.
J A Melick goes to Wisconsin for a carload of potatoes.
Cigar factory changed its title from "National" to "Standard" cigar factory.
Marriage of W T Horne and Malinda Campbell.
Revival meetings at Congreational church conducted by Rev Miller, the "singing evangelist."
A business block at Varna consumed by fire, 19th.
Surprise to Mr and Mrs E Ketchum from their relatives, 25th, commemorating the 32d anniversary of their wedded life. Gift of dining set of 90 pieces presented.
George Bickerman sells his farm to Sampson Rowe for $7000.
Mrs L A Jones falls from a stepladder and disables an ankle.
J P Sparling awarded the contract for building the Sparland town hall, and erects a very satisfactory building.
Marshall lodge elects new officers, with John Helm as the Noble Grand presiding officer, and H. H. Kirchman secretary.
No occupants in the county bastille.
Races at track, but a bad day, and some of the attractions advertised did not come off.
Death of Mrs Enoch Sawyer, 71.
A daughter comes to stay with J H Perry.
Rev Landenberger fills his appointment in Henry last Sunday of October.
All Saints day religiously observed by all devout Catholics.
Dr Powell and G G Guyer bring in 13 squirrels and 1 rabbit as a hunting trophy.
Rev Marsh and his church quartet take part in the revival meeting, the singing being generally commended.
Mr and Mrs Samuel Maxwell go to Nebraska to spend the winter.
World Fair tickets sold from Henry for October 454, for which $1758.16 was paid to the R. R. Co.
A J Diehl and family return to Henry to spend the winter.
Mrs J E Powell falls, fracturing an arm.
Hallow'een still rampant in these parts.
A new residence for Geo Ball on North street, heated by hot water.
A very handsome new residence in construction for Henry D Watercott on Richard street, to have all the modern appliances.


Marriage of Charles S Crary and Julia Jones, 9th, at high noon. The bridal presents were very fine and numerous.
Congregational revival meeting closes, 3d.
Whitefield township holds an interesting township convention.
Passage of "the Viking" down the river, 7th, firing of cannon, Cornet band and turn out of citizens and school children all gave it a welcome.
Drainage commissioners charter the City of Peoria, and with delegations from the towns, take a general view of the river to Alton.
Marriage of Frank Garlin and Lizzie Crompton.
Ole Olson, 13th.
A revival meeting commenced at M E church, 12th. No outside help.
R K Warner has the contract for building the new elevator at Varna.
Rev Fr Corley returns from his vacation.
Rev G W Minier preaches two sermons at the New Christian church, 6th.
World's Fair trains taken off, and a new time card issued.
Marriage of Joseph H. Hall and Daisy B Warner at Peoria.
A new monument stands at the grave of John Stapp.
Death of Mrs H J Grawburg, 13th, aged 52; Mrs Cathrina Schick, 86; D J Leech, 65; John Wunder, 71; Mrs A J DeLong, 48.
The little son of Riley Divelbiss celebrates its 2d birthday.
Geo A Burt, gatekeeper at the World's Fair for six months, returns home.
J A Harrison and Mrs H J Adams represent the Odd Fellows of Henry at grand lodge at Springfield.
Mrs E K Turbitt attends a reunion of all her children at Elgin.
Lawyer Harney serves an injunction on school trustees of Saratoga against removal of school building from its present sight in the Ray district.
James Carver buried in Steuben township; died at Chenoa.
Marriage of Robert Richey and Henrietta Dewalt.
Death of Nathan Dayton, 90.
Fireman's ball Thanksgiving, a grand success.
Teacher institute at Henry, 18th.
Death of Dr C F Deems at the church of the Stranger, at New York, 73.
President Hunter, Dr Powell and ye editor visit the schools of Henry.
A farewell party given Mr and Mrs Geo Snell.
A surprise party to Lizzie Smith.
Joseph A Kuss goes into business at Lewiston.
I Koehler purchases the vacant lot next to the Kraus block, and will build a brick building for Stever's Jewelry business in the spring.
Union Thanksgiving services at M E church, Rev D McLeish preaching an excellent Thanksgiving discourse.
King Brady billiard hall again sold at sheriff sale, and purchased by Frank Dennis.
Mrs Bessie Carver moved to California and locates in Los Angeles.
Adin Brown, suffering from a felon on his thumb has the first joint amputated.
Sidney Henderson moves to Arkansas, driving thro overland. The journey was made in 17 days without accident.
Japanese Yoshimate troup three nights at New Opera.
Douglas Hiltabrand, kicked by one of his horses in the face, loses the vision of one eye.
Masquerade party on the City of Peoria, 17th, very enjoyable occasion.
Nuptials of William Vos and Anna E Watercott. Locate at Muskegan, Mich.
"Spooks invade Hennepin" and a cave near that place is thereby immortalized.
Wed – Morgan Norton and Mary Broaddus, at the home of Reuben Broaddus near Varna, 23d.
"Is Man an Angel," a fine lecture from Matilda Fletcher at the Opera.
Walter Studyvin and Katie Monier wedded. Mr Studyvin goes into the saloon business at Chicago.
D McDonough receives a barrel of assorted apples from a Pennsylvania friend, sent as the guess as to the admissions at World's Fair the day after Chicago day.
Albert McCaleb found dead under a tree in the Oxbow where he had gone to chop wood, 74.
Max Slewers kills two wild geese.
Illinois reiver closed by ice and navigation suspended, 24th.
J S Brasfield purchases property and becomes a resident of Henry.
Will Niblock while on his way from Sparland, on the accommodation train, is severly cut in the hand while whittling, the result of the cars jostling together.
Jack Kinney is terribly injured by a runaway, the right ear being severed from his head, which could not be found.
The Woman's club at Mrs Potter's served with a Russian tea at the close of the meeting.
Death of A V Shvrts, 78, E Frank Peters, 23; Ann Tremain, 73.
A son gladdens the home of Harry Camery, 29th.
A heavy snow 30th. Joseph Schick, with horse and plow, worked all night clearing sidewalks.
M E ladies serve dinner Thanksgiving day down town.


Wedded bliss – C Elsie Smith and Lois M Dunlap.
Demise of John T Smith, 3d, aged 74.
William Foster cuts a foot open with an ax; great toe amputated.
Mrs R K Warner moves to Chicago, for the winter.
G W Snell and family move to Lake Charles, La.
Mrs John Morgan slips and falls breaking a small bone of a limb and straining an ankle.
Mrs Kinnear opens a ladies' bazar.
Woman's club meet with Mrs Nicholson and a "literary salad" is served at the close.
H. K. Smith immortalizes the Hennepin cave in rhyme.
Death of Wm A Moles in California, 59.
A side hunt with W J Fosdick and Albert Bacon as captains, was won by Fosdick, in a count of 7165 against 5155. Fine supper and dance at Frank Wood's.
Max Sievers dislocates a hip while skating on the river.
Mrs Wilson, mother of James Wilson, buried at Centralia.
The __'s had a masquerade at their hall – a good time.
Rev Landenberger preached a Thanksgiving discourse Sunday following Thanksgiving day.
Oliver Wilson elected Master of State Grange, a compliment indeed.
Death of John H. Belcher, the marble man.
Mollie Harney entertains a fine company at her home "on the Hillside," and they had a jolly time.
Death of George Miller, the Chicago horse buyer, at Bradford.
Tower to the old brick church taken off.
A son to Dennis Faling – a joy to him you bet.
Mrs G Kemple, dying in Nebraska, is buried here the 16th, in Calvary cemetery.
Nuptials of Frank Osbon and Ella M Heath, 20th.
Death of Mrs J C Tattershall Aug 1, and Mr J G Tattershall, Oct 26, both at Beebe, Ark.
Wedded, James Steele and Grace Cheyne; Charles Greenlee and Lizzie Duke.
Christmas stories are written in Miss Helper's room, and Earl Endsley, who writes the most acceptable one, is awarded its publication in The Republican.
Schubert Concert Co sing at New Opera Hall to great acceptance.
A son to Henry Aukland, a fine boy.
Messrs Griswold and Humphrey both won poultry prizes at World's Fair, and shows at Bloomington and Ottumwa, Iowa.
A pony, on being frightened, jumps into Frank Krenz's harness shop front window.
A grip left in depot waiting room pillaged. No clue to the thieves.
Devore & Fischer, marble men, report successful year's business.
Undertaker Keller attends 81 funerals in 1892 and 79 in 1893.
Zoe Young presented with a safety bicycle by a cousin.
Christmas eve festivals at all the churches.
Death of John Bell at Keota, Iowa, 80.
Christmas services at both Catholic churches, imposing features at St Joseph's.
Death of Adam Engelbrecht, 30th, buried by the Catholic Union, the Cornet band leading the funeral procession playing a sweet dirge.
The compliments of the season to all.

Transcribed 08 Mar 2020 by Norma Hass from the Henry Republican, 04 Jan 1894, portions of pages 1 and 4.

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