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1976 Deep Are the Roots

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Additional Centennial Farms in Marshall and Putnam Counties as reported to the Committee


Mrs. Dorothy Rae - Bell Plain
Elijah E. Perry - Bell Plain
Wilbert and Anabelle Griffin - Bell Plain
Verle Kolb - Bell Plain

William Hattan - Bennington
Mrs. Ray Litchfield - Bennington
Harold and Gallette Beckwith - Bennington
Mrs. Emma (Schmillen) Schook - Bennington

Mrs. Loretta Lutz - Evans

Harold and George Gallup - LaPrairie
Cliff and Ruth Marshall - LaPrairie
Eugene S. Turnbull - LaPrairie
Carl and Mary Webber - LaPrairie
Charles Scoon Heirs - LaPrairie
Elizabeth Scoon - LaPrairie
Mrs. Margaret Green - LaPrairie
George Aitchison Heirs - LaPrairie
Mrs. Hester Allen - LaPrairie
Mrs. Mary Casey - LaPrairie
Mrs. Gertrude Green - LaPrairie

Wayne Ehringer Heirs - Hopewell

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Buck - Richland

Janet Stateler Heirs - Roberts
Elizabeth B. Jones - Roberts

Mr. Robert Kelly - Saratoga
Mrs. Pearl Swearingen - Saratoga
Mr. Leslie Harrison - Saratoga

Viola Rezab - Whitefield
Roger Rowe - Whitefield

Philip and Julia Edgerley - Granville
August Kunkel - Granville
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Holly - Granville

Mr. Galvin Real - Senachwine
Mrs. Helen Sipe and Mrs. Henrietta Holmes - Senachwine
Mr. Francis Quinn - Senachwine

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Widely known as the Church on the Hill, Boyd's Grove Church is located four miles east of Bradford, Illinois. It came into being in 1851 when six families who had been holding meetings in their homes agreed to organize a church. The name was taken from a settlement to the north called Boyd's Grove.

The first building was erected on the present site at a cost of $800., the lumber coming from the land nearby the stone for the foundation from a quarry near Sparland. Quoting from a paper prepared in 1881 and speaking of the l880's, "Those were the good old days when Methodism was distinctive. The men and women sat apart. The people came in wagons, sometimes drawn by oxen. No one rode in buggies or carriages for they had none. The fasts on the Friday before quarterly meetings were enjoined. A sentinel was always placed at the Love Feast Door. We had no music or choirs. The preacher first read the hymn which was a very impressive part of the service. ... The shoutings were occasional and the 'amens' frequent. ... A Methodist who did not attend class and kneel down to pray was no Methodist at all. ..."

On August 27, 1919 lightning struck the church and it was totally destroyed by fire. A new building was dedicated June 19, 1921 which with periodic improvements stands today. The 125th anniversary of the congregation was observed June 27, 1976 with a traditional chicken dinner, homemade ice cream served at the social hour and the afternoon program was presided over by Orval Crooks. Pastor of the Church is Rev. Frank J. Rider who lives in Bradford and is also pastor of the Leet Memorial United Methodist Church there.

(Taken from newspaper story by Oral Holler.)

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