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My family tree goes something like this, in outline: Eric Niderost-- my mother Frances Niderost (maiden name Reiser) my grandfather Frederick Reiser 1879-1945, his mother, my great-grandmother Marry Ann Merdian, who married Marcus Reiser. My 2nd Great-grandfather, of course--I saw your entry on him-- Johann Joseph Merdian, was Mary's father.

I would be happy to share more detailed--birth, death, etc info with you.... One of my precious possessions is Mary Ann's geography book of 1855  ... Another proud family tradition is that Mary Ann personally saw Abraham Lincoln when he passed through on his senatorial campaign against Douglas in 1858-- and, happily, I know it's true because his visit was confirmed by local papers.

I know you are not a "message board" :) but my ultimate goal is to see if today's Merdians in Henry have anything even remotely connected to Mary--old letters, maybe a photo of her young-- whatever..... I have NO connection (yet) to anyone in Henry or the surrounding area... However, I do have a book that I got 30 years ago HENRY BEST TOWN BY A DAM SITE by Helen Raffensperger....

I attach a picture of Mary Ann Merdian Reiser in about 1920-- visiting New York to see her son, my grandfather, Frederick. the little girl is NOT my mom, but my aunt. My mom wasn't born yet by a couple of years...

Contributed Apr 2016 by Eric Niderost

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