Marshall County

1937 Deaths of Wenona Interest

Jan 11 - Lt. Frank Otis and Sergeant J. F. Gibbons, army flyers from Mass., drowned when their plane fell in the Illinois river at Hennepin
Jan 14 - Harvey Elder, father of Mrs. Ray Johnson, in Chicago
Jan 13 - William Weiland passed away at Veterans' Hospital, No. Chicago
Jan 19 - Mrs. Mary French died at home of Mrs. Almeda Cahoon
Jan 20 - Paul Moulton, former resident, in Bloomington. Buried in Wenona Cemetery
Jan 23 - Stephen J Moore, former resident, at Metamora
Jan 24 - Raymond Melrose, near Leeds
Jan 27 - Kathryn Oney, former resident, in Chicago
Jan 29 - H A Winter in Wenona

Feb 2 - Death of Father O'Dwyer, beloved Wenona priest, at Mercy Hospital, Urbana
Feb 3 - Milton White, in Streator hospital
Feb 6 - William Nolan
Feb 16 - Miss Mary Solum, native of Wenona, in Chicago
Feb 18 - Mrs. Mary Stateler, in Wenona

Mar 15 - Mrs. George Dickey, in Wenona
Mar 19 - Mrs. Catherine Flahaven, in Streator hospital
Mar 27 - Mrs. Leoneldi Capponi, at her home west of Wenona

Apr 19 - Louis Krueger, at Streator hospital
Apr 21 - Mrs. Elizabeth Warman Olson, in Rockford
Apr 24 - Miss Rose Fischer, in Streator hospital

May 8 - Mrs. James Parrett, at home in Wenona
May 16 - Mrs. Matthew Krischel, at home near Rutland
May 28 - H. H. Stateler, at Hampton, Iowa
May 30 - John Simpkins, at home near Leeds

Jun 2 - Mrs. Kathryn Moore, buried in Wenona Cemetery
Jun 13 - Mrs. Rozella Hambleton died at home of her son, Iceal
Jun 21 - William Okeson, Chicago, former resident, buried Wenona Cemetery
Jun 22 - James Laughlin, former resident, died at Long Point
Jul 2 - Susie H Kent died at home of daughter, Mrs. J. C. Hitz
Jul 22 - William Mills, Wenona

Aug 1 - Stanley J Archull, in Chicago
Aug 8 - Julius Berlinski, former resident, died in LaSalle
Aug 9 - Edward Kennell, in Streator hospital
Aug 18 - Frank Meils, former resident, in Bloomington hospital
Aug 18 - Edward Flannigan, former resident, buried in St. Mary's Cemetery
Aug 22 - James Marland, in Wenona
Aug 24 - Miss Alice Wilson, in Streator hospital
Aug 29 - Oren L Myers, in Streator hospital

Sep 1 - Marjorie Elizabeth Cain
Sep 4 - Funeral services for Mrs. Albert Hallberg, Bethany Lutheran
Sep 5 - Infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Rogers
Sep 10 - Mrs. Matilda Brunski Davis, former resident, in Detroit
Sep 21 - Charles E Griffin, native of Wenona, died in Henry

Oct 5 - Funeral services held for Lt. Col. Harry T. Moore
Oct 7 - Mrs. Elleta Mae Buckingham, native of Wenona, died in Peoria
Oct 11 - Harry B. Thomas
Oct 13 - Frank Shipley, native of Wenona, died at Toluca
Oct 20 - Father E. Kutter, pastor of Lostant Catholic church, passed away at Streator hospital
Oct 24 - Albert Neuhalfon, brother of Mrs. John Kerner, killed at Henry
Oct 31 - Mrs. Mary Hunsaker, mother of Mrs. George _ickard, died at Vienna

Nov 3 - William Williams, Jr. of Metamora, interred in St. Mary's Cemetery
Nov 21 - Funeral services for Mrs. Catherine Wink, of Rutland, held in Zion Lutheran church

Dec 2 - Mrs. J. B. Dunham died at her home in Wenona
Dec 5 - George W Reid, former superintendent of Wenona schools, died in California
Dec 18 - Frank King died at Magnolia
Dec 21 - Michael McGrath
Dec 23 - Mrs. Laura Scott passed away at her home in Wheaton
Dec 24 - Jacob Miller died at home east of Wenona

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