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Swedish Church of Varna

The natives of Sweden living in the vicinity of Varna first began to hold public worship about 1866. The only church then in this region of their faith was at Caledonia, west of Magnolia. About 1874 they held a largely attended and successful revival meeting at Varna, upon the conclusion of which they organized a Society, Rev. Mr. LINDALL lending his aid to the success of the movement.

They selected as their first deacons and trustees, Andrew LINDALL, O. P. NELSON, Charles ESTERDAHL, John HUMSTROM, Andrew ANGSTROM and C. A. PETERSON.

The leading members were: C. ESTERDAHL, O. P. NELSON, Andrew LINDALL and C. A. HUMSTROM, who constituted the building committee.

The church building was erected in 1874. It is a frame structure 25x72 feet, 18 foot ceiling, neatly finished, and furnished with an organ, comfortable seats, etc. It cost entire $4,500, and was built by subscription. The original membership was 125, but it has now nearly doubled, and the Society is in a prosperous condition. It conducts an excellent Sunday School, which is managed, in turn, by four of the deacons.

The ministers have been: Rev. Mr. LONDERBLAU, who occasionally visited Varna in 1870; Rev. Mr. MALBERG, who came from time to time in 1874; succeeded by Rev. P. G. BRODINE, who, in 1879, gave way to Rev. G. O. GUSAFSON.

Extracted from Records of the Olden Time

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