Marshall County

The New Jerusalem or Swedenborgians

On the 22d of March, 1857, Rev. J. R. HIBBARD, Superintendent of the Illinois Assembly of this denomination, at the request of Charles DAVIS, Henry VOGELSANG, Joseph HOLMES and others met the persons desirous of organizing a church, and after services did so organize. Their “platform” as laid down is in substance: Belief in the Divine word and the ten commandments, and doctrines of Emanuel SWEDENBORG. Their officers were: Charles DAVIS, Joel MORGAN, Joseph HOLMES, Trustees; O. H. TYLER, Treasurer; and J. W. TABER, Secretary. These officers were elected March 28, 1857, and Rev. Thos. STORY was invited to lecture once a month.

In 1865-6 a church was built capable of seating two hundred persons, and dedicated July 30, 1866.

The ministers who have officiated here were the Rev. Thos. STOREY, of Peoria, Rev. A. I. BARTELS, and R. B. EDMINSTER, who officiated nine years. The Rev. O. L. BARLER, of Canton, next took charge, coming here once each month.

Extracted from Records of the Olden Time

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