Marshall County

Presbyterian Church of Wenona

On the 26th of June, 1852, the Presbyterians of Wenona met to organize a church of that denomination. Those present were Newton ERWIN and wife, Ira F. LOWREY, Henry W. LOWREY, C. B. RUSHMORE and wife, Samuel HORNER and wife and Wm. H. LOWREY. The Confession of Faith of the Peoria Synod, was read and taken as the basis of the organization. The name selected was: "The Hebron Presbyterian Church of Marshall

July 10, 1852, they met again, when Rev. Joseph FOWLER, of Lacon, preached. Newton S. ERWIN and Samuel HORNER were elected Elders, and Evans Township school house was chosen as the place of worship.

The building of a house of worship, coming up at the next meeting, C. B. RUSHMORE, Newton S. ERWIN, and Henry and William LOWREY were chosen a committee to raise money for that purpose.

May 7, 1853, a Sunday School was organized, and C. B. RUSHMORE was appointed Superintendent, and Mrs. LINDLEY, assistant, the place of meeting being the station house of the Illinois Central Railroad Company. This Company afterward donated to the Society a lot on which they built a house of worship, finishing it in 1856.

Extracted from Records of Olden Time

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