Marshall County

Methodist Episcopal Church of LaPrairie Township

A Methodist Society was organized in 1850 by Rev. Samuel SMITH. Thomas HUFF was the first class leader. He suffered from consumption, and atter a time was succeeded by Amos F. LEIGH. About eight or nine persons constituted the class. They were: Amos F. LEIGH, Thomas HUFF and wife, Mrs. HAY, Mrs. William HART, William HANCOCK and wife, and Nancy HULL. The result of this Society was the buildiug of La Prairie Center Church in 1859, costing $1,825 when complete, of which amount the LEIGH family contributed the sum of $900.

In 1860 a famous revival took place in the church, Rev. Samuel SMITH officiating, and one hundred converts were added to the membership. The church was dedicated in the spring of 1861, by Elder RITCHIE. Rev. George IRWIN was the last minister in charge.

Extracted from Records of the Olden Time

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