Marshall County

German Lutheran Church of Varna

This Society was organized at Varna in 1871. The first preacher was Rev. J. JOHANNES, to whose personal efforts its success was largely due. The trustees of the congregation were: Michael KEMNITZ, Reinhardt KITZMAN and George SANWALD.

Their meeting house was built in 1873. It is a frame structure, 43x60 feet, with a steeple and bell, comfortably seated, and was built by subscription, costing $2,300. The congregation is small, but earnest in the work, and a good Sabbath School is kept in a flourishing condition.

The first services were by Rev. Mr. KERCHER, and afterward Rev. Walter KREBS, who also had the spiritual wants of the Society in charge for years. The minister in 1879 was Rev. A. SIPPLE, of La Rose, who alternates his work between the church here and at the latter place.

Extracted from Record of Olden Time

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