Marshall County

First Congregational Church of Lacon

The First Congregational Church of Lacon was organized October 1, 1865, with a membership of forty persons, viz: Mark Bangs, H. C. Bangs, C. H. Madeley, H. P. B. Madeley, E. C. Turner, Abigail Turner, William B. Thomas, C. B. Meyer, Emma M. Meyer, C. Belle Hamaker, Mrs. John M. Shields, I. H. Reeder, Johh Hutchins, Helen E. Hutchins, Samuel Pomeroy, Susan Pomeroy, Mrs. E. A. C. Roberts, Miss Margaret Madeley, E. F. Pomeroy, Mrs. E. F. Pomeroy, Euphemia Blodgett, Mrs. I). G. Warner, Martha Mosier, John P. Shepard, Eveline Shepard, Mrs. S. J. McFadin, Mrs. A. E. Hutchins, Miss Anna T. Hutchins, John S. Bane, Ephriam Williamson, C. C. Beadle, Mrs. C. C. Beadle, D. W. Coan, Mrs. A. Stephens, Mrs. H. F. Akeroid, Lucy A. Eckley, Millie P. Ball, Mrs. A. Page, Mrs. W. E. Cook, Minnie Ross.

They erected their Church building during the autumn of the^ same year, at a cost of $4,200. The lots were given by W. E. Cook, and were at that time valued at $1,000. The house was dedicated in November of that year.

The first Deacons were Samuel Pomeroy, Edward C. Turner, Mark Bangs and Charles H. Madeley.

Trustees Mark Bangs, John Hutchins and C. B. Meyer.

First pastor, Rev. S. S. Reeves ; followed by the Rev. Mr. Stevens, now of the First Congregational Church of Peoria; Mr. Codington, a graduate of Chicago Theological Seminary, who received his first ordination here; Mr. Williams, from Boston, Mass.; Mr. Clifton, a graduate of Chicago Theological Seminary; and Rev. William Tracy, the present pastor of the Union Church.

The Church received an accession of about forty members during the first year under the pastorate of Mr. Reeves.

The succeeding Deacons were Ira Norris and John Hutchins.

In April 1879, the Congregational and Presbyterian Churches united as the Union Church of Lacon, upon a basis of Confession of Faith, common to both organizations.

Extracted 23 Feb 2014 from Records of the Olden Time

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