Marshall County

First Baptist Church of Lacon

The First Baptist Church of Lacon was organized March 31st, 1865, with eight constitutent members, viz: L. Holland, L. G. Thompson, James McWhinney, B. T. Baldwin, I, 8. Mahan, Jane Mahan, Jane McWhinney and Esther Bunham. The organization wan effected mainly through the labors of Rev. I. S. Mahan, who became the first pastor,

In 1857 the present church building was erected and dedicated the same year, free of debt excepting a small amount due some of the members of the cnurch. The house and lot cost about $1.500. The adjoining lot WHH bought and the present parsonage placed upon it in 1871.

At the outbreak of the great Rebellion in 1861 the male membership of the church was less than a dozen, all told. Of thin number four offered up their lives a sacrifice on the altar of their country. George Wright was the first from Marshall county to lose his life during the war, dying near Cairo, Ill., June 6, 1861. Deacon Martin Hoagland and John S. Stockton fell in the charge at Vicksburg, May 22, 1862. James M. Powers, Jr., died on a hospital boat on the Mississippi, and rests in an unknown grave. How many churches can show a better war record, actually losing one half its male membership?

Since the organization of the church about four hundred persons have been received into its membership, a little more than half of this number being received by baptism.

The Sunday school connected with the church was organized May 1, 1855, and has been maintained without intermission to the present time.

The church has bad the pastoral labors of the following ministers in the order in which they are named : Revs. I. 8. Mahan, A. P. Graves, J. P. Agenbroad, 8. H. D. Vaun, D. Heagle, J. H. Parmelee, L. M. Berry, J. Cairns, A. B. Tomlinson, J. P. Agenbroad, G. C. Vanosdel and W. D. Shields.

Extracted 23 Feb 2014 from Records of the Olden Time

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