Marshall County

Catholic Church of Lacon

The Catholic Church of Lacon was established at a comparatively recent date, but previous to that time services were held and masses celebrated at the houses of individuals, notably that of Jack Kelly. The earliest person we can identify was Rev. Father Montori, an Italian, who came once a month. A lot for church purposes was donated by the proprietors of the place, and a building, part frame and part log, erected thereon, and served as a place of worship several years. It now forms a part of the Jesse Whittaker residence.

Father Montori was succeeded by Father Rinaldi, likewise an Italian, through whose exertions a frame building was erected, which served the purposes of the Society until 1867. He also built the Mrs. Thompson residence, and lived there with his sisters as housekeeper. After him came Rev. Thomas Lynch, in December 31, 1853, who served until his death, July 15, 1856. Following him came Father Francis McGuire, and he was succeeded by Father Mehan, date unknown. To him succeded Father Thos. Ogden, Father Walter H. Power, Father John N. Harrigan, Father James Wall, Father E. Delihanty, Father John Kilkenny, Father P. Flanagan, Father M. McDermott, Father P. J. Campbell, Father John F. Power, the present incumbent.

Under Father Kilkenny's administration the building of the present church edifice was undertaken and finished in 1867. It is probably the the costliest church building in the County, and cost when completed $13,000.

Rev. Father Campbell's services were terminated by death, in May, 1877. He had many friends, and died greatly regretted.

Under the ministration of Father Power a fine school building was erected, and a flourishing school in charge of sisters of the church established.

Extracted 23 Feb 2014 from Records of the Olden Time

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