Marshall County

Bethel Church of Steuben Township

Rev. Zadok HALL preached and organized an M. E. Church at Joseph THOMPSON's, appointing James TANQUARY class-leader in 1836. About that time Rev. PALMER, from Crow Creek, also organized a Christian church at Warford BONHAM's, Sr., where dinner was always prepared for the congregation, who had an invitation to stay for afternoon services. Shortly after Margaret THOMPSON (daughter of Joseph T.) taught school in a house built by Mr. McGUIER, of Virginia, near the former location of Bethel church, the first school in that vicinity.

In the year 1837 the people built a respectable log school house on the hill near Sparland, Mrs. Elizabeth MOFFIT first teacher. The people there organized a Sabbath School, which was attended by people from Lacon, who crossed the river in canoes, and also from other directions, who walked miles to help carry on the work.

The contract to build Bethel church was taken by Asa THOMPSON in the fall of 1848, to be located on his land near his residence, and framed of oak or black walnut, having four pair of principal rafters, with oak sheeting and pine shingles, to be built in a substantial, workmanlike manner, and completed by the first of November, 1849, for six hundred and fifty dollars. The Trustees were John S. HOSKINS, James TANQUARY, Jehial WATKINS, Leonard TIMMONS and I. Q. TANQUARY.

Extracted from Records of the Olden Time

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