Marshall County

SUCHER, Frederick W.

Native and acquired ability have well qualified Frederick W. SUCHER to become a leader of public thought and action and he exerts no inconsiderable influence in community affairs, as has been manifest in the fact that his fellow townsmen have frequently called him to public office, thus giving proof of their recognition of his worth and ability. At the present writing he is serving as chairman of the board of county supervisors as representative from Granville township and is proving a most capable official. His business interests are those of the farm and he now owns and operates a good property of three hundred and twenty acres on section 12, Granville township.

Mr. SUCHER was born in Downers Grove, Du Page county, Illinois, on the 11th of March, 1852 and is a son of Jacob and Katherine (KREBS) SUCHER, mention of whom is made on another page of this volume. They removed from Downers Grove to Putnam county, Illinois, about 1858 and Frederick W. SUCHER, then six years of age became a student in the district schools here, while later he completed his education in the public school of Granville. He has always remained upon the old homestead and at the age of twenty-one years he began farming for himself At length he purchased a half section of land from his father, the north quarter of which was his father's old homestead. On the south quarter he erected buildings, including a fine residence and other good substantial structures. Here he has since made his home and his is one of the well developed farm properties of the county indicating in its neat and attractive appearance a life of industry and close application.

On the 22d of February, 1881, Mr. SUCHER was married to Miss Eleanor A. BENDER, a native of Granville and a daughter of Jacob BENDER. Mr. and Mrs. SUCHER now have three children: Victor E., twenty-one years of age; Howard J., a young man of twenty years; and Oliver W., a youth of fifteen. All are still with their parents upon the home farm.

Mr. SUCHER carries on general agricultural pursuits and has recently platted a town which he has named Standard. The Berry Coal Company has at a late date opened up and is now operating a shaft on the farm adjoining Mr. SUCHER's place and it was this that led him to plat six blocks in the northwest corner of his farm. It has been divided up into seventy-five lots, thirty-four of which have already been sold. Wherever coal is mined extensively a village is bound to spring up and in a short time there will undoubtedly be a thriving town in this locality.

In his political views Mr. SUCHER has always been a stalwart democrat, having firm faith in the principles of that party. Upon its ticket he has been elected to several local offices, serving now for the second term as supervisor from Granville township, while at this writing, in 1906, he is acting as chairman of the county board. He has also been assessor for two terms and collector for one term and is regarded as a most public-spirited man, whose official record is above reproach, while in his private life he has manifested those sterling traits of character which in every land and clime command esteem, confidence and good will. In his business affairs he shows keen discernment and capable management, utilizing modern methods and the latest improved machinery. No man in the community occupies a higher position in public regard than Fred SUCHER and as a representative citizen we take pleasure in presenting him to our readers.

Extracted July 2011 by Norma Hass from Past and Present of Marshall and Putnam Counties Illinois, 1907.

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