Marshall County

STRAIGHT, Luther, Abram, William, and David

Luther, Abram, William and David STRAIGHT were the next to come to this locality in search of a home. This was in the spring of 1853. These parties came, here from Marshall county, Illinois, although natives of New York state. Luther settled upon section 27, where he followed farming until the day of his death.

He was united in wedlock with Miss Elizabeth LOT, in New York, before he left that state, and had seven children. He was a frank, generous man, who was considered a most excellent "yarn spinner " by his friends. His wife died in the spring of 1873, and both are buried in Guthrie Center cemetery.

William remained here about two years, when he moved to Kickapoo, Kansas, but afterward went to Sandy Point, on the Missouri river, where he now resides.

Abram settled on section 28, where he remained until 1858, when he went into the grocery business in Guthrie Center. In later years he started for Oregon, but died while on his way to that land of promise.

David remained about seven years, when he removed to Sandy Point with his brother, where he has since died, leaving a wife and six children.

Extracted from History of Guthrie and Adair Counties, Iowa

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