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C. E. SMITH, who is engaged in the grocery business in Henry, was here born on the 15th of September, 1866, his parents being James F. and Margaret M. (DARNALL) SMITH. The father, a native of Maryland, is a carpenter by occupation and for many years was identified with building operations in Henry, but is now living retired. He wedded Margaret Melvina DARNALL, whose ancestry can be traced back to Henrietta Maria NEAL, daughter of Captain James NEAL and goddaughter of Queen Henrietta Maria, wife of Charles I. of England, for whom she was named. Her first husband was Richard BENNETT, Jr., one of the Puritans who founded an asylum in Maryland, and who was the son of Governor Richard BENNETT. Richard BENNETT, Jr., was drowned, leaving two children Richard BENNETT, of Bennett's Point, Queen Anne county, who was said to have been the wealthiest man in Maryland; and Susanna Maria BENNETT, who became the wife of John DARNALL, who died leaving one daughter. Her second husband was Henry LOWE, the ancestor of Governor Enoch Louis LOWE, by whom she reared a large family of sons and daughters. One daughter, Elizabeth LOWE, married Henry DARNALL. Jr., of Portland Manor, and they became the great-grandparents of Mrs. Margaret M. SMITH. Her son, Francis DARNALL, and his wife Margaret were the grandparents of Mrs. SMITH. When the old courthouse at Portland Manor was destroyed by fire all the records and wills were burned and because of this the father of Mrs. SMITH, who was the next heir to Portland Manor, was cheated out of his patrimony. His name was Henry Bennett DARNALL and the members of his family were: Francis Henry; Richard BENNETT; Nicholas LOWE; one who died in infancy; Margaret Melvina, who became Mrs. SMITH; and Dawson DARNALL, the last named being so called because Dawson was his mother's maiden name.

C. E. SMITH, whose name introduces this record, was a student in the public schools of Henry and afterward in the district schools of Whitefield township. He worked upon the home farm to the age of twenty-three years and then came to Henry, where he entered the employ of H. ATKINSON, with whom he remained until 1892. He then purchased a half interest with R. E. HILLS in a grocery business, and this relation was maintained for four years, at the end of which time Mr. SMITH purchased his partner's interest and has since been alone in the ownership and conduct of the store. He now carries a large and well selected line of goods and has a liberal patronage, being accounted one of the leading merchants of the town.

In 1893 was celebrated the marriage of Mr. SMITH and Miss Lois M. DUNLAP, of Whitefield township. They are members of the Methodist church and Mr. SMITH is a stalwart republican in his political views. He has served as a member of the bridge board and three times has been chosen alderman from the second ward, in which connection he has exercised his official prerogatives in support of many beneficial public measures. His has been a creditable record in both public and private life and in Henry, where the greater part of his time has been passed, he is both widely and favorably known.

Extracted July 2011 by Norma Hass from Past and Present of Marshall and Putnam Counties Illinois, 1907.

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