Marshall County


The business activities of McMinnville find a worthy representative in M. B. HENDRICK, who has been connected with the business interests of this county since 1861 and has followed merchandising here since 1908. In public connections, too, he has figured prominently, and as a factor in the life and development of the community his worth is widely acknowledged. He has now passed the eighty-third milestone on life's journey and yet he keeps in touch with the trend of the times and the progress of events. He was born in Barren county, Kentucky, on the 28th of August, 1828, a son of William A. HENDRICK, who was likewise a native of that state, born in 1806. He devoted his life to farming and spent his last days in Iowa, where he passed away in 1868. His wife, who bore the maiden name of Maria BIRD, was born in Kentucky in 1809 and died in Illinois. In their family were eight children, namely: M. B., of this review; Rachel, deceased; Sarah, who became the wife of George MEYERS, of Iowa, but has now passed away; Martha, also deceased; Edwin, who is living in Osceola, Iowa; Felix, deceased; James, who also makes his home in Iowa, and Ellen, who lives in Iowa.

During the early childhood of M. B. HENDRICK his parents removed to Illinois and there he acquired his education, pursuing his studies in one of the old-time log schoolhouses. Later, however, he attended Eureka College at Eureka, Illinois, and thus laid the foundation for his later success in a liberal college training that fitted him for life's practical and responsible duties. In 1852 he made his way across the plains, starting with a company of three or four wagons. Their progress in that way was so slow that Mr. HENDRICK and a young companion took packs upon their backs and started out alone, arriving at their destination six weeks earlier than the rest of the party. He first made his way to Oregon City, spending the succeeding winter in that vicinity. He afterward went to Yamhill county, where he engaged in farming for a few years and then turned his attention to the mercantile and warehouse business, in which he has engaged since 1861. In 1908 he took up his abode here and entered the mercantile field in partnership with his son, Miles Everett. His life has been a busy and useful one, in which his labors have been intelligently directed and have brought to him a substantial measure of prosperity. At the same time he has ever belonged to that class who promote the general good in advancing individual interests and at no time has he ever been neglectful of the duties of citizenship. In politics he has ever been a democrat and in 1878 was elected to represent Yamhill county in the state legislature, in which he served for two years. He was also assessor of the county, having been called to that office in 1884.

On the 18th of April, 1855, Mr. HENDRICK was united in marriage to Miss Ellis SAWYER, who was born in Marshall county, Illinois, a daughter of Mark and Susan (MEYERS) SAWYER, both of whom are now deceased. Her father was well known as a farmer in the community in which he made his home. Unto Mr. and Mrs. HENDRICK have been born five children, one daughter passing away at the age of twelve years, while the others are: Ella, at home; Nora, the wife of Edward BREEDWELL, of McMinnville; Miles Everett, who is in business with his father; and Lovie, the wife of Arlington WATT, who is filling the position of postmaster at Amity, Yamhill county. Mr. HENDRICK is a member of the Christian church and has long been faithful to its teachings. In fact, his entire life has been an upright. honorable one, in which he has adhered closely to high standards of manhood and citizenship. There are few men of his years who remain active factors in business and keep so closely in touch with the progress of the world; but old age need not suggest a matter of course idleness nor want of occupation. There is an old age which grows stronger and brighter mentally and physically as the years go by and gives out of its rich stores of wisdom and experience for the benefit of others. Such has been the record of Mr. HENDRICK and throughout his entire life he has enjoyed the confidence and regard of his fellowmen.

Extracted 19 Jun 2011 from The Centennial History of Oregon

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