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Louis FARNER, who is now practically living a retired life at the home of his son in Bennington township, Marshall county, is one of the representative German-American citizens who have borne so important a part in the up-building and development of Illinois, and are numbered among her most valued and useful citizens. He was born in Wittenberg, Germany, August 14, 1825, a son of Jacob and Mary (FLEISCH) FARNER, who died when he was quite young, and he was thus early thrown upon his own resources for a livelihood. He received a good German education and continued to work by the month in his native land until twenty-seven years of age.

With the hope of benefiting his financial condition, Mr. FARNE then came to America, leaving the fatherland in April, 1852, and arriving in New York, after a long and tedious voyage of fifty days. He proceeded at once to Buffalo, where he worked for three months in a brick yard, and then went to Chicago. After a few days spent in that city he went to La Salle, Illinois, and was employed on the railroad being constructed to Princeton, after which he was with the Rock Island railroad for a time. Subsequently he went to Iowa, but soon returned to Illinois, this time locating in Marshall county, where he at first worked at anything by which he could ear an honest dollar. In 1853 he secured employment upon a farm, where he was employed for three years, and for the following six years operated rented land. His first purchase consisted of eighty acres, to which he has added from time to time as his financial resources have increased, until he now has a valuable place of three hundred and eighteen acres on section 14, Bennington township. His first home is still standing, but in 1892 he erected a more commodious and modern residence.

Mr. FARNER was married in 1856, the lady of his choice being Miss Anna RIEF, a native of Prussia, and they became the parents of three children, namely: Mary is now the wife of Richard VINECORE, by whom she has one child; John, born May 26, 1860, was married September 11, 1895, to Laura SPANGLER, daughter of William H. and Mary J. D. (HALL) SPANGLER; Louis, born July 9, 1862, wedded Ella SPANGLER, and has two children. The mother of these children was called to her final rest in 1895.

Politically, Mr. FARNER was always a democrat until 1896, when he supported the gold standard. He was reared in the Catholic church, but his sons are members of the Christian church. Through his own energy, enterprise and good management Mr. FARNER steadily worked his way upward to the goal of success, and through his unaided exertions has secured a competence which enables him to spend his declining years in that ease and retirement which should always follow a useful and well-spent life. He is highly esteemed in the community as an honorable, upright and trustworthy man.

Extracted May 2011 by Norma Hass from The Biographical Record of Bureau, Marshall and Putnam Counties, Illinois, 1896.

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