Marshall County

BASSLER, Herman J.

Herman J. BASSLER, superintendent of the public schools of Wenona, is a native of Forsyth, Illinois, born July 2, 1876, and is a son of John G. and Emma J. (COX) BASSLER. The father was a native of Stuttgart, of the province of Wurtemberg, Germany, and came to the United States when fifteen years of age. He was a farmer by occupation and became a resident of Forsyth, Illinois, where his last years were passed. His widow still survives him. In their family were seven children: Louis D., Albert, Bessie, Ada, Herman J., and Edgar and Edna, twins.

Herman J. BASSLER was afforded liberal educational advantages, which he improved, manifesting special aptitude in his studies. Subsequent to attending the public schools he attended the Normal University, from which he was graduated in the class of 1902. Prior to this time he had engaged in teaching for several terms in the country schools and had demonstrated his ability to impart readily, clearly and concisely to others the knowledge that he had acquired. In September, 1902, he came to Wenona to accept the principalship of the high school, in which capacity he served for two years, when he was elected superintendent of the city schools, including the primary, grammar and high schools. There are twelve grades in all, including a four years' high school course, whereby pupils are prepared for the university. There are seven teachers and about two hundred and twenty-five pupils. Professor BASSLER is well fitted for the responsible position which he fills and is generally liked by the public, while his ability is widely acknowledged in educational circles. He is yet a young man and has attained a position which is indeed creditable for one of his years.

On the 30th of November, 1905, Professor BASSLER was married to Miss Anna M. HOGE. They are members of the Methodist church and are very prominent and popular socially in the circles of society where true worth and intelligence are accepted as passports.

Extracted July 2011 by Norma Hass from Past and Present of Marshall and Putnam Counties Illinois, 1907.

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