Marshall County

Roberts Township Biographies

Biographical paragraphs of the residents of Roberts Township, Marshall County, Illinois, as penned by Ellsworth Spencer in Records of the Olden Time, published in 1880.


Mrs. MALONE, widow of Hartley MALONE, deceased, was born in Butler county, Ohio, in 1810, her maiden name being TROUT. She was married in 1831 to Hartley MALONE, born in Indiana, and came to this county in 1836 along with Henry L. CRANE. The first Methodist meeting in Lacon was held at their cabin and of the original M. E. class first formed here Mrs. MALONE is the sole survivor. For several years Mr. M. worked for Jabez FISHER and then moved to Roberts township where he opened a large farm and was noted for his disinterested hospitality. For many years he was justice of the peace and was the first postmaster of Varna. He was an earnest Christian all his life, served as class leader and superintendent of Sabbath schools, was a man of peace and averse to litigation. He died of cancer in the face. They had two children William S. and Emily E., married to Albert DAVIS. Mrs. MALONE lives at her home in Varna.


Mrs. MAYES, whose maiden name was WRIGHT, was born in Ohio, March 18th, 1826, and came to Marshall county in 1844, where she married Benjamin MOONEY Sept, 12, of that year. He was born in Jackson county, Ohio, July 1, 1818. and died January 17, 1864. One child, Anna S., was born to them, married to H. C. LITTLE. She married George MAYES, October 3, 1869. He had six children by a former marriage - Franklin, Laura, Helen, Wilmer, Isabel and George D. Mr. MAYES died January 29, 1875.


Mr. SWANSON is a butcher in Varna and was born in Sweden, Aug. 7th, 1851. He came to Illinois in 1869, settling in Marshall county. He keeps a good supply of meats and attends closely to his business.


Mr. TIDMARSH was born in England, December 27, 1821, and married Elizabeth WITTS, in January, 1866, and came to the United States in 1866, locating in Whitefield township. After living there four years they removed to Roberts township, which has since been their home. They have four children - Sarah E. ROWE, Emma W., Clara J. Henry W. They also reared and educated two children named DAY. Mr. TIDMARSH has a fine farm under a high state of cultivation, and has one of the best residences in the township.

Alexander WRIGHT

Mr. WRIGHT is by occupation a farmer, and lives on section 18 of Roberts township. He was born in Madison county, Ohio, in 1821, came to Marshall county in 1814, and married Sarah Jane MYERS, January 1, 1846. She was born in the city of Philadelphia, November 23, 1824. They have two children - John B., born October 11, 1856, and Daniel, born July 17, 1859. Mr. WRIGHT is a successful farmer and stock raiser, and owns a very pleasant home. He is a Democrat in politics, has filled numerous offices of trust and responsibility, and been honored by his party with a nomination to the legislature, but the. Republicans being in the ascendancy he was not elected. He is much respected by his townsmen.


Hopewell, Ill. Postoffice, Henry.


Mr. CROSSLAND is a farmer and school teacher residing on section 16. He is a native of Marshall county, born April 29, 1848. April 6, 1876, he married Cynthia L. BROADDUS, who was born in this township, May 6, 1847. They have one child, George M., born July 11, 1878. Mr. CROSSLAND owns 320 acres of land, and has filled various local offices with credit to himself and to the entire satisfaction of the community.

Mrs. Minerva BROADDUS, Widow

Mrs. BROADDUS was born in Ohio, January 25, 1828, being the eldest daughter of James HALL, one of the pioneers of Marshall county, and came to this state with her parents in 1831. She was married to Christopher BROADDUS, who was born September 20, 1819, and died July 19, 1871. Their children were Cynthia L., Helen M., Jesica H., Lucy J., Florence E., Marshall H., Alice V., James H. and Almedia. Mr. BROADDUS left his family in excellent circumstances, owning some 1500 acres of land at the time of his death, and the delightful residence now occupied by Mrs. BROADDUS is one of the most desirable in the county. After her husband's death, Mrs. B, assumed control of the large estate, and has managed it with skill and profit. She has considerably improved the grounds, and the old home has been rebuilt at a cost of $2,000. Her children have married well, and to her the clouds of the future have a silver lining.


Mr. PETERSON was born in Sweden, January 31, 1849, being one in a family of six children, of A. P. PETERSON, who was born in Sweden in 1817, married Mary C. ISAACS in 1845, and immigrated with his family to the United States, locating in Marshall county in 1870. The other children are Charles August, Andrew, William, Clara C. and Augusta C. Mr. PETERSON is a farmer by occupation, and cultivates 190 acres of land in this township. His parents are still living.


Mr. OLIN is a farmer by occupation, born in Ohio, August 7, 1842. August 7, 1866, he married Miss Ann HELM, and three children have blessed their union, viz.: Frank, born April 24, 1868; Grace, born August 13, 1872; and Aaron, born June 4, 1875.


Mr. GLENN belongs to a family that settled in early times in Putnam county, where his father died and several of his brothers still live. He was born in Crawford county, Indiana, May 22, 1822, moved to McLean county in 1857, remained there two years, went to Schuyler county in 1848, and came to Marshall in 1859. He married Caroline CONRAD in 1843, born in Indiana in 1829. They have four children - Mary ROBERTS, Julia DISOSWAY, Charles W. and George J. Mr. GLENN has been supervisor three years, and assessor eight years. He is a good farmer, and the best bee-keeper in the county. He is generous to his friends, just to his enemies, and liked by all whose friendship is worth having.


Mr. FISHER is a carpenter by occupation, living in Varna. He was born in Fulton county, Indiana, April 12, 1843, and came to Marshall county in October, 1849. April 7, 1864, he married Sarah A. BOWERS, born in West Virginia in 1847. They have three children, - Alonzo U., born September 22, 1866; Mary Medrith, born December 20, 1868; Bertha, born October 5, 1871.


Mr. MYERS is a farmer, whose fine homestead of 300 acres is in section 16 of Roberts township. He was born here in 1833, and it has since been his home. His residence, one of the finest on the prairie, is surrounded by evergreens and fruit trees, and embellished without and within with evidence of wealth and good taste. His wife, formerly Celia H. HAMILTON, was born June 8th, 1858, and their four children are named Leonora, born July 14, 1861, David Samuel, Dec. 4, 1869, Alvira, April 21, 1869, and Iva Dell, March 11, 1875. Mr. MYERS is one of the live men of his township, and comes from a family noted for thrift and enterprise, and likewise for being the oldest and must extensive nurserymen in this part of the state.


Mr. WALLACE is by trade a harness-maker, which he abandoned for the more profitable occupation of selling and putting up pumps of all kinds, but specially the celebrated rubber pump for which he is agent. He was born in Ireland in 1838, and came to the United States in 1859, and married Mary DILLON in New York City, her native place, they have an adopted daughter, Nellie, born October 3, 1864. Mr. WALLACE is an energetic agent, truthful in his statements and successful in his business.


Mr. McCLUSKEY was born in West Virginia, November 25th, 1838, and came to Putnam county in January, 1864. He married Miss Lucinda STEWARD, February 25th, 1867, born in Putnam county May 22, 1847. They have six children,- Mary L., Frances S., John, Frank B., Virginia, and one daughter not named. Mr. McC. has served one term as collector and filled other offices.


Mr. BROADDUS is a large farmer, owning 940 acres of land in a high state of cultivation, and one of the finest residences on the prairie. He is an extensive stock grower likewise, and is credited with sending to Chicago the best herd of fat cattle ever shipped from the county. He was born in Fayette county, Indiana, July 6th, 1831, came to Marshall county in 1834, and married Miss Mary J. FORBES, Nov. 21, 1855. She was born in Hopewell township, Sept. 12, 1835. Thev have five children, - Lawrence W., Minnie A., Warren A., Mary H. and Andrew R.


Mr. BUCKINGHAM was born in Woodford county, Dec. 20, 1840, and is a son of Judge BUCKINGHAM, one of the early settlers and large land-holders of Woodford county. After completing his education he enlisted in the 77th regiment Illinois volunteers, and did his full share of fighting, never shirking duty and never hesitating to follow where any dared to lead. In 1863 lie wedded Miss Carrie M. JENKINS, of Cayuga county, New York, born May 7th, 1840. She was highly educated and a very successful teacher, eminent for her social worth and many virtues. They have four children living and three are dead. The living are William F., Benjamin J., Frank I. and Ada E. Since his return from the army Mr. BUCKINGHAM has been in the stock business.

Martin KING

Varna, Ill.

LaFayette BROWN

Varna, Ill.


Mrs. NEVILLE is a well known teacher of the piano and organ. She is daughter of George H. SHAW, one of the first settlers in the county, and widely respected. She married E. B. NEVILLE, January 19, 1862, a graduate of Eureka college, and attorney at law. They reside on the old homestead. Mrs. N. is sister of the Hon. T. M. SHAW and the talented Mrs. Dr. TESMER, of Sparland, and is widely respected and beloved.


Varna, III.


Varna, Ill.


Mr. SCARBOROUGH is a painter by trade, living in Varna, Illinois. He was born in New Jersey, March 29, 1853, and came to Marshall county in 1857. Married Rachel A. WILLIAMS, May 19th, 1879, born in Livingston county, Ill., February 14th, 1855. Mr. S. is clerk of the village of Varna.


Varna, Illinois.

James B. DAVIS

Mr. DAVIS was born in Ohio, August 20th, 1816, and came to Marshall county in 1849. January 11th, 1844 he married, in Ohio, Miss Nancy HILAND. They have four children living and one deceased, the living being Eunice A., Daniel, Clara and Mary E. William M. died July 19, 1854, in the tenth year of his age. Mr. DAVIS is a farmer by occupation, and has been a justice of the peace for a number of years. They are members of the M. E. church.


Roberts township.


Roberts township.

Abraham DELONG

Mr. DELONG is a resident of Varna, and a mason by trade. He was born in Pennsylvania, October 7th, 1805. Moved to New Jersey in 1830, where he lived three years; thence moved, in 1833, to New York City, where he remained nine years, and came to Marshall county in the spring of 1842. February 22, 1836, he married Anna E. CONLEY, by whom he had ten children, - George, Isaac, Henry, Albert, Adrian, Emily E., Adaline, Margaret, Joseph N. and Mary. Albert died May llth, 1864. Mrs. DELONG died October 4th, 1864, and in June, 1867, he married Mrs. Caroline F. TAYLOR (HESTER), who died in August, 1871, leaving two children, Lucinda and Albert. January 1, 1873, Mr. DELONG married Miss Martha Malone, a native of Indiana, born August 4, 1829.


Roberts township.


Mr. SHIELDS is a farmer, and cultivates fifty acres of land. He was born on Ox Bow Prairie, Putnam county, August 31st, 1856, and is a son of Calvin SHIELDS an old settler and wealthy farmer, born in Indiana.


Mr. MYERS was born in Ohio, and was a son of John and Nancy MYERS, who came to this county in the spring of 1832, and during the Black Hawk troubles were "forted up" in the Jesse ROBERTS place. His father purchased a claim of a man named Redmond, opened a large farm and lived and died here. Their son John succeeded to the homestead, which he greatly improved and lives upon to-day. When arrived at man's estate he married Mrs. BELL, a widow, with an only child, Andrew J., now a leading lawyer and political writer of Peoria. They had six children born to them, viz., Phebe, Laura, Amanda, Henrietta, Douglas and Mary. Amanda and Henrietta are married. Mrs. MYERS died in Lacon a few years ago, and Mr. M. married Sarah OLIVER, of Clinton, Ill. Mr. MYERS has been very successful, and owns in addition to his home farm and others in this county, large tracts in Kansas. He has served many years as supervisor, and tilled various offices with entire satisfaction. He is a large reader and well informed on the various topics of the day, is energetic, knows how to drive a good trade, and seldom forgets his friends.

Livingston ROBERTS

The father of Mr. ROBERTS was the first settler in Marshall county, and he is the oldest surviving resident, having come here in 1829. He assisted in making the large farm he occupies, and upon the death of his father succeeded to the property. His wife was a Miss DENT, and he raised a large family of sons and daughters, to each of which he gave a farm. Mr. ROBERTS is yet hale and hearty, and labors daily in the field. He has a large estate with good buildings upon it, and is very comfortably fixed. He has filled various offices in the township, and no man is more widely known or generally respected. A more extended sketch of his settlement here is given elsewhere.

Extracted June 2011 from the Biographical Department in Records of the Olden Time

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