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Richland Township Biographies

Biographical paragraphs of the residents of Richland Township, Marshall County, Illinois, as penned by Ellsworth Spencer in Records of the Olden Time, published in 1880.


Mr. BARNES is a farmer, residing on section 26, his postoffice being Washburn, Woodford county. He was born in Marshall county, Ill., in Richland township, about two miles from their present homestead. He is a son of Root and Julia BARNES, natives of the state of Delaware, who located in Marshall county in 1830. Mr. BARNES married Miss Annis LITTLE in 1857. She also was born in this county and township. She is the daughter of Nathanial and Mildred LITTLE, who located in this county about 1834. They have three children living, - Charles N., Annie P , George O., and three deceased. Mr. BARNES is a member of the M. E. church. He is the owner of eight hundred acres of land. They are the oldest residents of the county. Mr. BARNES and wife have never been out of their native state. He was the second white child born in Marshall county, and is the first born in the county now living.


Mr. KEEDY was born in Orange county, Indiana, in 1820, and came here along with his parents and brothers in 1834. Some account of the family is given in the history of Richland township. In 1841 he married Caroline M. FOSTER, born in Kentucky. They have one child living, Ambrose W., born October 30th, 1842. Several others were born to them, and have passed to the other side. They have long been members of the M. E. church, of which he is steward and trustee. He has a fine farm of 300 acres, has filled nearly all the local offices of the township, settled important estates, and in various ways nerved the public. The trusts they have placed in his hands have never been betrayed, and when he dies there should be inscribed above his grave, "HERE LIES AN HONEST MAN."

Samuel H. ILIFF

Mr. ILIFF is a farmer, living on section 1 of Richland township, with postoffice at Lacon. He was born in this county in 1852, and has ever since resided here, laboring on the farm. In 1875 he wedded Miss Nellie CLEMENT, born in Titusville, Penn., to whom one child, Victor C., born in 1878. They are members of the M. E. church. His farm of 160 acres is finely cultivated, and has first-class buildings. Mr. ILIFF is active and energetic, and if health is spared will in a few year become wealthy.


Mr. SHEOBART was born in Germany in 1839, and emigrated to the U. S. in 1868, settling in Marshall county. He married Miss Augusta LENTS, in Pennsylvania, in 1869. She was born in Germany in 1831. They have one child, Louis D., born in February, 1870.


Mr. KEEFE is a farmer by occupation, born in Ireland in 1837. He came to the United States in 1862, and has been a resident of Marshall county since 1874. He cultivates 72 acres of land. In 1861 he married Mary WRIGHT. They have taken a child to raise named Joseph FOX.

George W. KUNKLE

Mr. KUNKLE was born in Pennsylvania in 1835, came to Marshall county in 1855, and is now a resident of section 8, Richland township, where he follows the occupation of a farmer and cultivates 80 acres of land. In 1872 he married Sarah J. OWEN, daughter of Timothy OWEN, and they have two children, Ralph and Lloyd. Mr. KUNKLE has a beautiful residence, and his farm is in a high state of cultivation.


Mr. BARNES was born in Sussex county, Delaware, December 4, 1803. His parents were descended on the paternal side from an old English family, while on his mothers be traces his lineage to the Welsh. In 1808 his father moved to Sciota county, Ohio, in a heavy timbered country, where he labored at clearing land and on the farm until 1823, when he removed to Marion county until 1834. In 1831 he married Mary DICKINSON, who died the succeeding year, leaving him one child, now Mrs. CARRITHERS. An elder brother and sister were living in Illinois, and in 1834, accompanied by his mother and little girl, he came west, finding a home with his sister. Mrs. DEVER, until a cabin was built on the site of his present home. In 1839 he married Jane J., daughter of Colonel KILGORE, a well known citizen who still survives, and has been to him more than a "companion" for over forty years. She is the mother of six sons and daughters, viz., Isabel, Louisa, Samuel M., Henry E. W. (doctors of Fairbury, Ill.), Oliver S. and one who died in infancy. Mr. and Mrs. BARNES have led long and useful lives, which bid fair to be duplicated in their children. They still live on the old homestead and carry on the farm, which he has cultivated for nearly half a century. Their children are comfortably settled in the world, and the future it would seem has neither care nor sorrow for their aged parents. Mr. BARNES has served as supervisor, and filled other responsible positions. Himself and family have been life-long members of the M. E. church.


Mr. ILIFF was born in Perry county, Ohio, near Somerset, April 10, 1827. He came to this State with his parents in 1831, and located near Pekin, and moved to this county, near Lacon, in the spring of 1832. In the fall of 1831 he moved with his father to section 14, where he lived until 1851. He married a Miss Caroline, daughter of S. P. HENTHORN. in 1849, born in Perry county, Ohio, June 30, 1828, by whom he had seven children - Robert W., Samuel H., Clarissa J., William T., Lewellen C., Mary E., and one deceased. Mrs. ILIFF died April 7, 1864. He married Mrs. Sarah A. GROVE (HOUCK), December 18, 1867. She was born near Lancaster, Ohio. She died September 7, 1875, leaving one child, Lizzie, by a former marriage. He married his present wife, Miss Amelia SPRINGER, Jane 27, 1877. She was born in this county in 1843, taught school nearly nine years in Evans, and six months in Sparland. She is a daughter of Isaac and Charlotte SPRINGER. They have one child, Eddy, and are members of the M. E. church of which Mr. ILIFF is steward and class leader, and has been delegate to conference meetings of the church at Peoria, Monmouth and Rock Island. He owns 561 acres of land, nearly all in cultivation. His father, Robert, served in the Black Hawk war. He was born in Parks county, Pa., March 25, 1801, and died December 6, 1870. His mother, (WILLIAMS) was born March 9, 1805, in Washington, Pa., died March 18, 1862. Mr. ILIFF is the only child (of five) living.


Mr. REDIGER was born in Woodford county in 1842, and came to Marshall in 1870, and married Miss Mary F. DUCHENSE in 1849. He owns 160 acres of land in section 21, and is a substantial, hard-working, industrious and successful farmer. He has a beautiful residence and a pleasant family of four children - Elenora, William H., Alford and Mary F.


Mr. PICHEREAU is a native of France, from whence he came with his parents when a boy, and first settled in Black Partridge in 1833. He was a mechanic, and worked in various places until 1840, when he came to Marshall county. Here he opened a large farm and married Levicy, daughter of John STRAWN. He was a hard worker and good manager, and with the assistance of his wife they accumulated a handsome property and removed to Lacon, where she died. Six sons and daughters were given them, viz., Victorene, Arcene, Josephene, Asahel, Frank and Hortense. Asahel is a rising lawyer of Galesburg, the eldest daughter is Mrs. Joseph WALLACE, and the second, Mrs. MOATS. In 1879 Mr. PICHEREAU was married again to Mrs. Maggie ARNOLD, and moved to his farm, where he is doing well. He is widely known and as widely respected.

William J. RAMSEY

Mr. RAMSEY is a native of Cecil Co., Maryland, where he was born in 1834, and came to Illinois with his parents in 1837, locating on the farm where he now lives. He married Mary A. DODDS in 1859, born in Montgomery county, Ohio. They have one child, John R., born in 1862. Are members of the Presbyterian church. He owns 148 acres of land under excellent cultivation and a fine residence. Mr. RAMSEY has a wide acquaintance and is much respected as a friend and neighbor, and Mrs. R. is a woman of much more than ordinary ability.

William H. GRAY

Mr. GRAY is descended from an old family that came here previous to the Black Hawk war, and his mother, Mrs. Polly GRAY, is still living. He was born in 1839 and followed farming all his life. In 1858 he married Miss W. A. KIRCHER, born in Miamisburg, Pa., in 1841, by whom he has one son, John R., born in 1858. They are members of the M. E. church at Phelps chapel. He has filled various township offices and owns 187 acres of good land in this township under excellent cultivation, and 160 acres in Bennington.

James CAIN

Mr. CAIN is one of the oldest living residents in this section, having settled here in 1835. He was born in Green county, Pa., in 1808. He moved with his parents to Ohio county, West Va., the same year and lived there many years. In 1832 he married Mary BURNS and emigrated to Illinois, then scarcely freed from the Indians. He opened a large farm, planted an orchard, and in course of time has grown rich, but remains upon the old homestead and looks after his affairs. They have one child, Mrs. Amelia SHAFER. Mr. CAIN owns 400 acres of land.

Extracted June 2011 from the Biographical Department in Records of the Olden Time

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