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Belle Plain Township Biographies

Biographical paragraphs of the residents of Belle Plain Township, Marshall County, Illinois, as penned by Ellsworth Spencer in Records of the Olden Time, published in 1880.


Mr. SHANKLIN is a farmer of Belle Plain township, who was born in Kentucky in 1810, and moved to Marshall county in 1853. In 1827 he married Miss Sarah BENNINGTON. They had four children William, Ann, Joseph and Margaret Jane. The first three are dead, Mr. SHANKLIN has eight grand children. His present wife was Mrs. Permelia BELL. They were married October 1, 1869. He has a fine farm of 165 acres, and has a pleasant home.

Charles D. HODGE

The subject of this sketch is a farmer, living in Belle Plain township. He was born in New York, and came to Marshall county in 1855. He married Miss Mary DUSTEN, in the State of New York, in 1853. She was born in Grafton, New York, November 22, 1828. They have eight children living Dora, Charles, Homer, Myron, Elmer, Chalmers, Sumner and Annie. Joseph died September 13, 1856. Mr. HODGE cultivates 23 acres of land.

Horace C. THARP

Mr. THARP is a farmer, living in Belle Plain township. He was born in Ohio, May 2, 1836. He married Miss Barbary VanDAMENT, March 1, 1860. They have four children - Junisa J., Sarah E., George E. and James C. Mr. THARP came to Marshall county in 1856, moved to Cedar county, Mo., in 1866, remaining there three years, then went to Joseph county, Mo., living there three years, and returned to Marshall county in 1874.

Elam J. SNOW

Mr. SNOW is a farmer, living on section 29 in Belle Plain township. He was born in Ohio in 1843, and married Mrs. Mary PERRY (McKINNEY). She was born in Brown county, Ohio, and died in February, 1876, leaving two children - William H. and Andrew J. Mr. SNOW moved to Indiana in 1849, and came to Marshall county 1856. He has 160 acres of land under good cultivation.


Mr. HATTON comes from an old family that settled here early in the history of the county, and has furnished citizens who have filled important positions. He was born in Virginia in 1823, and came to Marshall county along with his parents in 1835. He has been a farmer all his life, and owns one of the best farms on the prairie. He married Elizabeth McKINNEY, and they have eleven children - Mary Jane, Mark, Thomas, Jacob, Helen, Sarah E., Nancy A., Eda, Caroline, Francis, Tine. Mr. HATTON is well to do and takes the world easy.

George DORFF

Mr. DORFF is a farmer living on section 2, and cultivates seventy acres of land. He was born in Pennsylvania, in the month of February, 1847, and came to Marshall county in 1859. After remaining here nine years, he went to Missouri, where he lived nine years, and then returned to Marshall county. In 1870 he married, in Missouri, Miss Mary GETER, and they have had four children, two of whom, Mary E. and Emma., are living. Etta May and Mary M. died in Missouri.

Mrs. Nancy PERRY

Mrs. PERRY 's maiden name was HATTAN, and she was born in Virginia, in 1825. She came to Marshall county with her parents in 1831, and married Elijah PERRY, October 9, 1847. He was an extensive farmer, and left a large family of enterprising boys, who have grown to men's estate and are reputable, useful citizens. She had nine children, viz., Mary M,, William J., Sophia J., Anna, Zachariah, Nellie A., Maggie M., Elijah F., Andrew E. and Cora T. Her mother still lives at the good old age of 84 years, and has six children, 48 grand children, and 35 great grand children living.


Mr. HESTER is a farmer, and his home is on section 36, where he owns 400 acres of fine farming land. He was born in Boon county, Kentucky, and came to Marshall county in 1847, where he married Miss Lydia DAVIDSON, born in New York, by whom he bad one child, Effie Z. Mrs. H. died May 14, 1863, and he wedded Nancy McKEEVER to whom has been born two children - Simeon L. and Cora V. Mr. HESTER is one of the leading men of the county, and has filled various offices of trust and responsibility. Has served one term as sheriff, has been a member of all important conventions, and his name favorably mentioned as a member of the legislature. He took a deep interest in the war and emancipation, and always occupies the front rank in every movement that tends to elevate the human race. He has just completed one of the best residences in the county.

Mrs. Ellen A. McCUNE

Mrs. McCUNE is a resident of Belle Plain township, and owns 163 acres of land. She was born in Cumberland county, Pa., her maiden name being GIBB. She married Hugh McCUNE, also a native of Pennsylvania, and they came to Marshall county in 1856. She has five children living, - William, John W., Ellen J. (BELL), Mary W. (RAINS), and Elizabeth E. (FEAZLE); Elizabeth Emeline, an infant, deceased; and Samuel, a son, who went away from home and is supposed to be dead, not having been heard from for thirteen years.


Mr. DRAKE is a resident of La Rose, and a dealer in grain, lumber and coal. He was born in Monroe county, Pa., and came to La Rose in 1872. In August, 1876, he married Annetta WELTY. They have two children, Mabel and Maud.

John N. McNEFF

Mr. McNEFF was born in Pennsylvania, and came to Illinois in 1854, locating in Marshall county in 1866. He is a stock broker by occupation, and lives in La Rose. His wife's maiden name was Sarah E. SANDER, and they have had seven children - Augusta A., Sarah E., Sherman E., John G., Henry E., Andrew C. and Nellie A. Sherman E. died March 16, 1874.


Mr. MULLEN is by occupation a farmer. He was born in Woodford county, May 4th, 1850, and married Miss Elvira CROW, July 3d, 1876. They have one child, named Samuel MULLEN.


Mr. MESSENGER was born in New Pork, in March, 1840, and came to Marshall county in 1860. He is a justice of the peace, and is engaged in merchandising. In May, 1874, he married Margaret A. MARTIN, and they have one child, Leora I. Mr. M. enlisted in Co. F, 77th regiment Ill. Inf. Vols. during the war for the suppression of the rebellion, and participated in seventeen engagements, being wounded at Vicksburg. He served three years, and was mustered out at Wheeling, West Virginia.


Belle Plain township, Marshall county, Ill.

Richard W. JUSTICE

Belle Plain township, Marshall county, Ill.


Belle Plain township, Marshall county, Ill.


Belle Plain township, Marshall county, Ill.

Extracted June 2011 from the Biographical Department in Records of the Olden Time

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