Marshall County

Officers Prior to 1860

County Commissioners

Feb., 1839, Geo. H. Shaw, Elisha Swan, Wm. Maxwell;
Aug., '39, Warf. Bonham;
'40, R. F. Bell;
'41, C. S. Edwards;
'42, Elias Thompson;
'43, Wm. Maxwell;
'44, C. S. Edwards;
'45, C. S. Woodward;
'46, Lewis Black;
'47, David Myers;
'48, John W. Bettis;
'49, Jesse B. Bane.


1850  Theo. Perry, Henry Snyder, J. B. White, C. S. Edwards, James Gibson, A. Ramsey, R. P. Bell, Wm. Maxwell, Amasa Garrett
'51 Perry, Maxwell, White, Bell, Ramsey, re-elected;
T. Harless, Nath'l Gants, Jas. Mellen, Geo. W. Mead, Joshua Powell
'52 Bell, Ramsey, Powell, Gants, Mead, re-elected;
John Ramsey, Matthew Hoyt, J. W. Maxwell, Thos. Judd, D. W. Danley
'53 Judd, Banley, Powell, re-elected;
C S. Edwards, Wm. A. Perkins, Sam'l Maxwell, Jesse B. Bane. A. Garrett, Joseph Holmes. John Burns
'54 Edwards, Danley, Perkins, Garrett, Holmes, re-elected;
A. Ramsey, J. Caldwell, Wm. Maxwell, C. Springer, J. H. Brown
'55 Edwards, Ramsey, Danley, Caldwell, Garrett, Brown, Perkins, re-elected;
James Miller, Samuel Camp, H. L. Crane
'56 Edwards, Ramsey, Crane, Camp, Garrett, re-elected;
A. S. Sherwood, B. Fowler, Thomas Ellis, Sam'l P. Henthorn, B. W. Halstead
'57 Camp, Danley, Halsted, Crane, Ramsey, Sherwood, re-elected;
Henry Sargent, Lewis Black, A. H. Trowbridge, John A. McCall, Alex. Wright, J. C. Townsend
'58 Ramsey, Black, Trowbridge, Sherwood, McCall, Crane, Camp, Halstead, Townsend, re-elected; Enoch Bent, B. A. Welton, Amasa Garrett
'59 Crane, Camp, re-elected;
L. Broaddus, H. B. Barnes, W. A. Perkins, J. M. Vandervort, N. Moore, H. S. Gregory, Wm. T. Lytle, Alden Hull, Wm. Atwood, Alex. Wright
'60 Camp, Vandervort, Barnes, Moore, re-elected;
John Burns, Wm. Cornwell, A. Garrett, Jos. Buchanan, H. Gregory, A. S. Sherwood, James Hoyt, William Hancock

Probate Justice

1839, William H. Efner;
'43, Hezekiah T. Crane.

County Judge

1849, Silas Ramsey;
'53, P. M. Janney;
'57, G. L. Fort.


1839, Anson C. Deming;
'41, Lunsford Broaddus;
'43, Levi Wilcox;
'45, ___ ;
47, R. B. Rogers;
'51, Theodore Perry;
'53, Sam'l Maxwell;
'59, Ira Norris

Circuit Clerk

1839, James M. Shannon [appointed]
'46 John Burns [appointed] (in '48 by election);
'52, G. L. Fort;
'56, James Wescott.


1839, C. F. Speyers;
'44, J. Burns.

County Clerk

1839, Ira I. Fenn [appointed], A. S. Fishburn, James M. Shannon;
'45, David S. Dickinson [appointed], to fill vacancy;
'46, Sam'l C. Cochran, to fill vacancy;
'47, Silas Ramsey;
'49, W. E. Cook.


1839, Silas Ramsey;
'42, Addison Ramsey;
'48, H. L. Crane;
'50, G. L. Fort:
'52 and '56, Crane re-elected;
'54, A. Gardner;
'58, Thos. Ellis.

School Commissioner

1839, John Wier;
'47, L. Wilcox;
'49, A. Wall;
'51, S. Camp;
'53, L. Loring;
'55, Chester Covell, Jas. Miller;
'59, W. W. Heath.


1839, J. Sawyer, H. Atwood;
'45, T. Patterson ;
'55, W. H. Bushnell;
'57, M. M. Stimpson;
'59, James M. Vandervort.


1839, George F. Case;
'44, J. W. Bettis;
'46, D. M. Robertson;
'48, - Green;
'50, H. L. Crane;
'52, Lewis G. Keedv;
'54, Manuel Snyder;
'56, Ira Norris;
'58, John C. Gore.

Transcribed 05 Feb 2012 from History of Putnam and Marshall Counties, by Henry Allen Ford, 1860

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