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1937 Deaths of Wenona interest

Jan 11 Lt. Frank Otis and Sergeant J. F. Gibbons, army flyers from Mass., drowned when their plane fell in the Illinois river at Hennepin
Jan 14 Harvey Elder, father of Mrs. Ray Johnson, in Chicago
Jan 13 William Weiland passed away at Veterans' Hospital, No. Chicago
Jan 19 Mrs. Mary French died at home of Mrs. Almeda Cahoon
Jan 20 Paul Moulton, former resident, in Bloomington. Buried in Wenona Cemetery
Jan 23 Stephen J Moore, former resident, at Metamora
Jan 24 Raymond Melrose, near Leeds
Jan 27 Kathryn Oney, former resident, in Chicago
Jan 29 H A Winter in Wenona
Feb 2 Death of Father O'Dwyer, beloved Wenona priest, at Mercy Hospital, Urbana
Feb 3 Milton White, in Streator hospital
Feb 6 William Nolan
Feb 16 Miss Mary Solum, native of Wenona, in Chicago
Feb 18 Mrs. Mary Stateler, in Wenona
Mar 15 Mrs. George Dickey, in Wenona
Mar 19 Mrs. Catherine Flahaven, in Streator hospital
Mar 27 Mrs. Leoneldi Capponi, at her home west of Wenona
Apr 19 Louis Krueger, at Streator hospital
Apr 21 Mrs. Elizabeth Warman Olson, in Rockford
Apr 24 Miss Rose Fischer, in Streator hospital
May 8 Mrs. James Parrett, at home in Wenona
May 16 Mrs. matthew Krischel, at home near Rutland
May 28 H. H. Stateler, at Hampton, Iowa
May 30 John Simpkins, at home near Leeds
Jun 2 Mrs. Kathryn Moore, buried in Wenona Cemetery
Jun 13 Mrs. Rozella Hambleton died at home of her son, Iceal
Jun 21 William Okeson, Chicago, former resident, buried Wenona Cemetery
Jun 22 James Laughlin, former resident, died at Long Point
Jul 2 Susie H Kent died at home of daughter, Mrs. J. C. Hitz
Jul 22 William Mills, Wenona
Aug 1 Stanley J Archull, in Chicago
Aug 8 Julius Berlinski, former resident, died in LaSalle
Aug 9 Edward Kennell, in Streator hospital
Aug 18 Frank Meils, former resident, in Bloomington hospital
Aug 18 Edward Flannigan, former resident, buried in St. Mary's Cemetery
Aug 22 James Marland, in Wenona
Aug 24 Miss Alice Wilson, in Streator hospital
Aug 29 Oren L Myers, in Streator hospital
Sep 1 Marjorie Elizabeth Cain
Sep 4 Funeral services for Mrs. Albert Hallberg, Bethany Lutheran
Sep 5 Infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Rogers
Sep 10 Mrs. Matilda Brunski Davis, former resident, in Detroit
Sep 21 Charles E Griffin, native of Wenona, died in Henry
Oct 5 Funeral services held for Lt. Col. Harry T. Moore
Oct 7 Mrs. Elleta Mae Buckingham, native of Wenona, died in Peoria
Oct 11 Harry B. Thomas
oct 13 Frank Shipley, native of Wenona, died at Toluca
Oct 20 Father E. Kutter, pastor of Lostant Catholic church, passed away at Streator hospital
Oct 24 Albert Neuhalfon, brother of Mrs. John Kerner, killed at Henry
Oct 31 Mrs. Mary Hunsaker, mother of Mrs. George _ickard, died at Vienna
Nov 3 William Williams, Jr. of Metamora, interred in St. Mary's Cemetery
Nov 21 Funeral services for Mrs. Catherine Wink, of Rutland, held in Zion Lutheran church
Dec 2 Mrs. J. B. Dunham died at her home in Wenona
Dec 5 George W Reid, former superintendent of Wenona schools, died in California
Dec 18 Frank King died at Magnolia
Dec 21 Michael McGrath
Dec 23 Mrs. Laura Scott passed away at her home in Wheaton
Dec 24 Jacob Miller died at home east of Wenona

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